Welcome To LindsayLohan.Com


To my fans,

Welcome to my new site… Your support has been everything.
I’m so excited for what’s next. xo

All my love,




  1. Stefan Ellis 

    Cant wait!!!

    August 15 at 3:01pm  / 
    • Miaa 

      Cant wait for Lindsay to move to spot #1!!!!!!!!!!

      Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actresses–Forbes
      “Rounding out the top five is Lindsay Lohan. The young starlet, who debuted on the Celebrity 100 10 years ago, earned an estimated $19 million between June 2012 and June 2013.”

      August 17 at 5:17pm  / 
  2. alexspears 

    Love you so much Lindsay! Your performance in the canyons was amazing! always here for you!!!! <3

    August 15 at 3:04pm  / 
    • Miaa 

      Keep up the good work lindsay! Stay focus on the positive side and learn from the snorts. Your almost there! Pray super duper hard and act good! Godbless always!

      August 18 at 5:06am  / 
  3. LindsayIsMyLife 

    I love you queen!!! I hope you’ll post updates about your next album in this site :)

    August 15 at 3:19pm  / 
    • Miaa 

      Rhianna better watch her back!!!! LINDSAY is gonna blow her out of the water….triple Grammys, Emmys and OSCARS this year!!!!!!

      August 18 at 6:41am  / 
    • Cristobal Garmendia 

      Ilu lindsay so much I’m happy ur getting back I can’t wait to see ur new movie I’m a fan of ur

      August 18 at 7:06pm  / 
  4. Caterina Echeverria 


    August 15 at 3:26pm  / 
  5. Echo 

    Hi LiLo :) love you so much, can’t wait to see what’s coming xoxo

    August 15 at 3:30pm  / 
  6. LindsayLohanPH 

    Lilovers love you, lindsay! We are always here for you!

    August 15 at 3:31pm  / 
  7. lohanium 

    ilu lindsay <3

    August 15 at 3:33pm  / 
  8. Andy Solecki 

    I hope you will relase your third album . Love U :*

    August 15 at 3:34pm  / 
  9. Dustin Putman 


    Great to see your new web site. I thought you might be interested in my review of THE CANYONS. I must admit I wasn’t the biggest fan of the film itself, but your performance is one of the strongest of the year (definitely top 5 so far). I wish nothing but the best for your future.


    August 15 at 3:37pm  / 
  10. davmazz 

    Welcome back Linds!! XXX

    August 15 at 3:40pm  / 
  11. Paula Bruce 

    We’re wit ya. I am since… Ever! Congrats for ur achievements xoxo

    August 15 at 3:41pm  / 
  12. alexspears 

    Love you forever baby

    August 15 at 3:41pm  / 
  13. Paula Bruce 

    OH!, FYI, loved the new site. As beautiful as you <3

    August 15 at 3:41pm  / 
  14. koutroulis 

    Welcome Linds all the best wishes from Athens Greece XXXXX

    August 15 at 3:42pm  / 
  15. Goldens 

    it’s kind of a new beginning and i’m pretty sure you’ll make it ! :*

    August 15 at 3:43pm  / 
    • ilovelana 

      I like that you paid money to rent her movie out. You hate her so much but you’re paying her bills. Cute! x

      August 15 at 9:30pm  / 
  16. binholohan 

    I love you <3

    August 15 at 3:43pm  / 
  17. Kaew Thammarongrat 

    We love youuuuuu<33

    August 15 at 3:44pm  / 
  18. WalkaNotATalka 

    wow love the site! xoxox

    August 15 at 3:46pm  / 
  19. LindsayLohanMyEverything 

    I Love You Much♥*-*
    you’re the best, Oh Yeah♥.

    August 15 at 3:46pm  / 
  20. Hasan Balcı 

    Hiii <3 Landsay.

    August 15 at 3:50pm  / 
  21. Ron Etter 

    Glad to see you back Lindsay, have always like your movies dont let anyone drag you down!

    August 15 at 3:54pm  / 
  22. DavidSLloyd 

    Just wanted to say, i feel so, so, sooo proud of you lindsay <3 You are looking so refreshed, happy and relaxed, missed your face SO MUCH! I haven't had the best of years so far, but watching your films and listening to your music has kept me going, it really has, and for that it just makes me love you even more :) and to see you doing so well is inspiring, and makes me want to improve certain aspects of my life for the better. #PeaceAndLove forever a #LiLover xoxox

    August 15 at 4:01pm  / 
  23. Dianna Newman 

    Welcome back!!

    August 15 at 4:08pm  / 
  24. Isa 

    Love you so much <3 I'm so proud of you!

    August 15 at 4:11pm  / 
  25. grynia8677 

    <3 Lindsay is the best !!!

    August 15 at 4:13pm  / 
  26. JBay 

    Girl, we’ll always support you. You’ve been an inspiration in never giving up, staying strong and holding your head high in face of adversity. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you and supporting you every step of the way. You deserve the best!

    August 15 at 4:41pm  / 
  27. ashleylilofan 

    So proud of you, ur comeback is BADASS, you killed it hosting Chelsea Lately and I can’t wait to see ur interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter <3 I've been a fan since The Parent Trap and I'll stick vy your side and support u always as a fan, much love Bella btw ur new website is dopeee!! xoxo :)

    August 15 at 4:58pm  / 
    • ilovelana 

      Auntie Nicole go take a bath you filthy bertha.

      @ashleylilofan agreed with ur comment, her comeback is badass as hell

      August 15 at 9:29pm  / 
  28. Ana Luiza 

    Loved it! Keep updating, I believe we are all excited to see what is coming foward. Proud of everything that is happening and proud of who you are.
    Love you, xx

    August 15 at 5:00pm  / 
  29. jaafarlakkis 

    So happy for you Lilo. You’re back on track :) Keep that website up to date

    August 15 at 5:25pm  / 
  30. KAORI U 

    I love you so much♡

    August 15 at 5:28pm  / 
  31. IlyaTopskiy 

    Welcome back Lindsay! You’re so beautiful ^ _ ^
    With love from Russia

    August 15 at 6:14pm  / 
  32. Amanda Haig 

    My father just recently died in March and he fought drugs and alcohol for much of this life. However with his family and friends support he turned his life around. He dedicated most of his life to AA meetings, church, and helping others overcome their battle with drugs and alcohol. I would like to pay it forward and even though you don’t know me I’m here for you like I was here for my dad. Sometimes you just need somebody to talk to :-) I wish you the best of luck!

    August 15 at 6:34pm  / 
  33. llfan 

    Love you lindsay!

    August 15 at 7:17pm  / 
    • MiasAuntisevil 

      I’m here. Where to begin?

      August 15 at 8:25pm  / 
  34. Auntie NICOLE 


    August 15 at 7:26pm  / 
    • MiasAuntisevil 

      I wonder if Lindz knows some of her fans have been involved in a horrible video using Lindsay’s images in this video? Lindsay has her faults but surely Lindsay and the entire Lohan family would SPEAK OUT against this video and the fans that promoted it?

      August 15 at 8:28pm  / 
    • Big Brown Stain 

      Yes , I heard that video is beyond vile.

      August 15 at 8:39pm  / 
  35. MominNH 

    Dear Lindsay, I’m just a thirty something married mother of one, but I’ve been a fan since Parent Trap. I’ve been so worried for you these last couple of years. Frankly, I was afraid that you would die. But YOU ARE BACK and I’m so proud of you! I came from a dysfunctional family and have a trauma background. If I’d had money and fame at a young age, I could’ve been where you were. We know what it is to fight addiction. EVERY DAY. But you can do it! You deserve to be happy and healthy. Do whatever it takes. Continue keeping up the good work! Take it from me, it’s worth it!

    August 15 at 7:45pm  / 
    • ilovelana 

      Agreed! She’s doing great, so glad for her comeback! It’s exciting and she has her amazing fans like us to support her the whole way through :)

      August 15 at 9:27pm  / 
  36. Nichole 


    August 15 at 7:48pm  / 
    • ilovelana 

      You are obsessed with her so much you come here to hate on her. You must lead an exciting life.. or not. Lol, weirdo.

      August 15 at 9:27pm  / 
    • Isabella Tairi 

      Get a life u fucking looser

      August 16 at 6:46am  / 
      • belenlohan 

        If you don’t like Lilo, what the fuck are you doing in her site?

        August 16 at 5:02pm
      • snowball 

        Praying you will not judge anyone else!

        August 19 at 6:24am
  37. icanhelp 

    Loveya’ Lindsay, still gorgeous and still a great actor. Know it’s been a rough time Have no idea why you’ve been singled out for so much harassment. Hollywood is full of this crap, and worse. Anyway, you are a great actor. Stick with it. Thanks for making us think, for entertaining us with your craft. And then,as Rachel Wilcox dealing with a very sensitive subject, one of Americans dark secrets. Thank you 4 this movie. Hope it opened a few peoples eyes. This happened to both my sisters…you were right on the money with your portrayal. Thanks from both of them…and me too! (I actually took my Dad to the movie, made him uncomfortable as hell; so thanks again). Hang tough, give ‘em hell and don’t take any sh*t.

    August 15 at 8:04pm  / 
  38. Hachi Hachi Đoàn 

    i love you , i’m a big big big fan <3

    August 15 at 8:19pm  / 
  39. JBay 

    This is the Power of Lindsay Lohan, even the haters are as obsessed with her as the fans are, Lindsay takes over their lives. They won’t change fan’s opinions or support, that is unwavering. It only makes our support even stronger :)

    August 15 at 8:22pm  / 
    • MiasAuntisevil 

      Jay if she is as good as you say, she will disavow and demand removal of the video freckled freedom at youtube endorsed by her fan club, little stars.

      August 15 at 9:25pm  / 
    • ilovelana 

      Exactly. Even though they hate her, they still took the time out of their day to pay her attention and let her affect them. Lol, Lindsay haters are hilarious! They are so consumed by it!

      August 15 at 9:25pm  / 
    • LindsayIsMyLife 

      Yeahhhh!!! Queen LiLo Slays!!!

      August 16 at 12:03am  / 
  40. Big Brown Stain 

    I hear that Blohan likes to leave big brown stains when she is passed out? Can anyone confirm? Thanks!

    August 15 at 8:36pm  / 
  41. MiasAuntisevil 

    Lindsay I’m here to discuss a video with pictures of you in it. Before you were released from rehab your fan club, Littlestars, with your main fan, Nicole, started promoting a video called freckledfreedom. They sent the web address everywhere. Well that video is horrendous. Pictures of you are interspersed with pictures of the terrorists flying planes into the Twin Towers. The point is that your forced rehab stay was as big a travesty as those planes flying into the Towers killing 3000 people. It opened wounds that are still so tender. So many of us have tried to get it removed but until YOU protest I don’t think it will happen. Radar Online even did a thread on this because of our protests. Your fan club nor head fan Nicole has not even one time protested the content of this video. If they represent your fans that is sickening. Please deal with this matter promptly. It’s really a serious matter.

    August 15 at 8:59pm  / 
    • Big Brown Stain 

      Hear! hear!

      August 15 at 9:02pm  / 
    • ilovelana 

      Get over yourself. Lindsay isn’t responsible for some nutjob making pics of her on tumblr or wherever. Leave her alone with your crap.

      August 15 at 9:24pm  / 
    • MiasAuntisevil 

      No one said Lindsay made that vile hideous video but she has the power to raise a stink about!!!

      August 15 at 9:26pm  / 
    • c62 

      Radar even did a thread, oh well that’s serious then if the main hater site doesn’t like it . Get a life

      August 16 at 11:02am  / 
  42. cass 

    Loved it!! I can’t wait to see what is coming. Welcome back Lindsay, lots of love. xxxx

    August 15 at 9:04pm  / 
  43. dashlandom 

    Hi Lindsay, this is Ricardo from Lima, Peru, I’m gonna start by saying that I’m a fan & a loyal follower of your work & of you as a person. You cannot image how you helped me & taught me to learn from my mistakes & to keep on going like you did. I admire you for being strong in the past years, even though you’re probably not gonna believe me, you’re like my role model, I always look up to you, I’m 3 years younger than you & I know what it feels to make mistakes & to be judged but you know it’s up to us to make it better & to keep moving forward & that’s what I saw on you. Speaking of your work, you actually captivated me firstly with your music, since I listened to “Over” & the other songs from Speak, I became a fan. Of course I had already watch some of the movies that you did at that time but knowing of your music encouraged me to admire you more.
    Since then I became a fan, watching your movies, enjoying your two albums and some songs of the unreleased third one & supporting you sending you prayers from distance when you were in trouble.
    To end this comment, I wanna thank you Lindsay, to show me to be strong, thank you for your movies, music & actually fashion which let me tell you, you have a very good sense of it. Thank you once again & I really hope you read this.
    PS: I know you’re working on a new album, take your time & when you release it, please be on tour & come to Peru. See you around bella & all the best wishes! :)

    August 15 at 9:07pm  / 
  44. ilovelana 

    It looks amazing, just like yourself. Love you Linds <3

    August 15 at 9:23pm  / 
    • Big Brown Stain 


      August 15 at 10:33pm  / 
  45. bittersweet 

    Welcome back my queen !! Xo

    August 15 at 9:48pm  / 
  46. Nichole 


    August 15 at 10:22pm  / 
    • Big Brown Stain 

      I believe that she is VERY believable in *Sharting* pics!!!

      August 15 at 10:31pm  / 
      • I Love Lindsay 

        How could you say such a thing, she’s perfect.

        August 16 at 4:10pm
      • ir8wishcry 

        coming from an idiot like yourself that isn’t really saying much now is it?

        August 18 at 12:57am
  47. 95psplash 

    It is good to see that you are getting back to who we all came to adore and admire. I know it has been a rough past few years. I am glad that you are showing everyone that you are a strong person. Putting yourself in front of so many people is hard and it can take its toll on even the best of people.
    I wish you the best in everything that you do, and I know that you can over come any problem that is put in front of you.

    Good Luck with everything

    August 15 at 10:25pm  / 
  48. toshca 

    so proud of you!! keep on!

    August 15 at 10:57pm  / 
  49. Xemtesado16 

    I just want to say that we are so proud of u. And we miss ur voice singing nd we miss ur face in teen movies, and I hope u will make a new album because it is the great time that u will shine brighter than ever! Xoxo love u princess xo

    August 15 at 11:57pm  / 
  50. Anitte1995 

    I am proud of you!!! <3

    August 16 at 12:03am  / 
  51. The Nibbler 

    Here’s a thought: Stop selling BS stories to the tabloids telling people how fabulous you are. Or is that your only means of income these days?

    Oh, and please take a shower.

    August 16 at 4:12am  / 
  52. vanroom 

    l ike

    August 16 at 4:19am  / 
  53. Alexia 

    Some seem to think it would be easy to be a child star, I for one don’t, good luck Lindsay, we all have hiccups on life’s road, you’ve made a good start, love to see you top form again.

    August 16 at 5:29am  / 
  54. Juan Carlo Navarro 






    August 16 at 6:00am  / 
  55. markareese33 

    I wanted to say … That I am very proud of you and I NEVER gave up on you , I knew you would wanna show all your critics that they was wrong about you !!!! I along with your other fans LOVE YOU and can’t wait to see what else you have in-store for us .. Thank you Lindsay

    August 16 at 6:33am  / 
  56. katherinemars 

    This is awesome! I’ve loved watching you grow up through all the ups and downs! The site looks great and so do you! :}

    August 16 at 10:30am  / 
  57. c62 

    Great that you have an official website. Can’t wait for all the great work i’m sure you are going to do . Keep strong .

    August 16 at 11:03am  / 
  58. SeRRR 

    Lindsay if you want to return to the music, I wrote many songs for you,
    it’s interesting,,


    August 16 at 11:07am  / 
  59. c62 

    Great you have your own site now Lindsay .Keep up the good work and keep strong

    August 16 at 11:32am  / 
  60. Patrick Drake 

    Welcome back Lindsay, May your future be so bright that your past is just that past. Sometimes surviving and Thriving is the best revenge! Sending great prayers and hope for joy !!!! Patrick

    August 16 at 11:33am  / 
  61. ohmyh2 

    I have been silently praying for Lindsey to find her way, and I am so grateful that she has gotten the help she needed. Now I want to see her using her skills and acting chops in the movies again. My prayers will continue for her.

    August 16 at 11:46am  / 
  62. msmontano 

    Welcome BACK!!!! You took a long break… now, it’s time to SHINE sweetie!!!!!!

    August 16 at 11:56am  / 
  63. Sven 

    I am proud of you.
    ~Keep it up, we love you.

    August 16 at 12:11pm  / 
  64. sassytruplaya4life 

    LL I have been a huge fan of yours since the Parent Trap! I have always loved you and your work. I’m in my 30’s now and still watch Mean Girls at least once a month. I am so happy you are doing well and i’m sure if you stay on the clean and sober path you are on now your professionalism and beauty are going to make you become a huge star!! 2014 is your year! You go gurl…and yes lets make fetch happen lol ;p

    August 16 at 12:35pm  / 
  65. Cassandra Hans 

    I love you so much Lindsey!!!

    August 16 at 12:39pm  / 
  66. Amanda 

    Hi Lindsay,
    I’ve enjoyed seeing your brave comeback and want to extend my happiness for you. I hope things keep looking up and if you ever want to kick this site up a lovely notch, on the development and design side of things, do feel free to get in touch via email.

    Happy weekend!

    August 16 at 1:05pm  / 
  67. Blackbeauty 

    I love How you handled dave letterman. Well done, wish you the best.

    August 16 at 2:06pm  / 
  68. MsC 

    Lindsey, You I’m proud of you! Keep yourself centered and keep your head up.

    August 16 at 2:58pm  / 
  69. maserati4porte 

    Hey Lindsay,

    Always been a fan. Best of luck to you on this new path. You have a gift and awesome opportunities in front of you! Make it work for you dude! People (whether they want to admit it or not) are rootin for you! You are and always will be an artist first and foremost, always remember that! Make yourself a legend.. Like so many great actresses before you.. oh, and, Hit me up if you ever want to come to Tampa and be “incognito” and hit the beaches.. some of the best in the world :)

    August 16 at 3:17pm  / 
  70. bobshneider 

    Yay :)

    August 16 at 3:20pm  / 
  71. RoseFarrell 

    I just wanted to say that what you have been through at such a tender age strikes at my soul. I wish you all of the best.

    You brought a tear to my eye when you appeared on Dave Letterman. I feel confident that with the right people in your life, you will succeed at this and continue to mature into a beautiful woman.

    August 16 at 3:27pm  / 
  72. I Love Lindsay 

    Lindsay is my Immortal Beloved

    August 16 at 4:08pm  / 
    • Miaa 

      We might have to fight over her because Lindsee is my Immortal Baloved!! Just kidding! (: Mia

      August 17 at 3:08pm  / 
  73. numbersixer 

    I can’t wait to see what more you have to offer. I have always been rooting for you. You have gone through some *ish, but you will pull through it. “We live with the scars we choose”. I hope you find motivation and positivity through your web site.

    August 16 at 4:44pm  / 
  74. Sarah Ellis 

    i read this after i was going through a tough time and it helped me gain some clarity and just understand that sometimes it takes learning things the hard way to actually learn them ….maybe it’ll help you too :)

    In science, you make your mistakes in public. You show them off so that everybody can learn from them. This way, you get the benefit of everybody else’s experience, and not just your own idiosyncratic path through the space of mistakes.

    don’t be ashamed of any mistakes you ever make….just makes you stronger. we all do it, we just don’t all have millions of people documenting our every move. good luck with everything. xxo

    August 16 at 4:45pm  / 
  75. belenlohan 

    Hi Linds!! Your site is amazing, I love it, I love you!! I’ve been supporting you for so many years! Can’t believe it, girl you’re back!! I’m so proud of you. I think I can see in your eyes things that other people can’t. You are a great person, talented actress, you deserve the best, and you deserve to be happy! #Argentina loves you!!♥ lots of love princess

    August 16 at 5:18pm  / 
  76. Harry Myhre 

    I like the design. Nice

    August 16 at 6:58pm  / 
  77. Bami23 

    We can officially say, welcome BACK, Lindsay! You gave an outstanding performance in The Canyons and you killed it on Chelsea Lately. I’m looking forward to your OWN docu-series and your guest role on HBO’s Eastbound & Down. Your fans are proud of you for taking the positive steps that will turn your life around. Oh and Lindsay, be proud of who you are and look forward to who you will become… you are your future!

    August 16 at 7:07pm  / 
  78. Brian LILO 

    I never stop believing in you Linz. You are my idol and always will be. LILO fan for life.

    Ps. I love your website keep us posted, you are the only reliable source we have that will speak the truth.


    August 16 at 10:15pm  / 
  79. Amanda Garcia 

    Hi Lindsay beautiful!! :)
    Welcome back!! Congrats to your new website, so amazing!!
    I hope your future is so bright that your past!!
    You are great! I’m proud of you!! *–*
    I love you Lindsay <3
    I'm from Brazil!!

    August 16 at 10:18pm  / 
  80. Brian LILO 

    Can somebody pls tell me if she is going to be in Lady Gaga video

    August 16 at 10:24pm  / 
    • I Love Lindsay 

      Lady Ga Ga had her chance. Lindsay would never think of doing a video with her now that Ga Ga is loosing her credibility as an artist. Lindsay is better off collaborating with JT of Jay-Z for her next album.

      August 17 at 3:01am  / 
  81. Stastep 

    Hi Lindsay,
    missed u..
    have always admired U..
    U have always been a beauty to me..
    But now from this moment for me u are BEAUTY WITH BRAINS.. As u have decided to start afresh..



    (NOTE: I am a personal fashion designer.. would like to design for U, first and foremost I would love to design A SAREE for u.. A SAREE is a BEAUTIFUL, ELEGANT attire worn by Indian women…

    August 16 at 10:39pm  / 
  82. Dionysus 

    You are the cultural icon of our generation. It has been a dream to write your biography. Not a tabloid one but one on the lines of the biographies written for iconic artists. Examples; Shakespeare’s by Peter Ackroyd, Hemingway’s by Jeffrey Meyers and so on. I guess the time has come.

    August 16 at 11:33pm  / 
    • Miaa 

      What a beautiful idea!!! Amazing!!

      Wow! Something like Thoreau’s “Waldon Pond” or Simone-Lucie-Ernestine-Marie Bertrand de Beauvoir’s “The Second Sex : Woman As Other” would be awesome for Lindsay too!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

      August 17 at 5:30pm  / 
  83. dschuin 

    Congrats Kid! Keep up the new good work! I have faith in you. You were meant for great things in life. Now go get them.


    August 17 at 1:58am  / 
  84. blue 

    Greece loves you lindsay! Hope to see you in Mykonos!! Rumours has it, youre coming anytime soon for hollidays! Best wishes for a great comeback, im sure you’ll be fine! You’re a pop icon linds, no matter how many times you fall, the important thing is to stand up again! ;-)

    August 17 at 6:21am  / 
    • Miaa 

      I know!! Linds was crawling for so long, now she is off of her knees to come back!!!!!!!!!!!! She deserves 100 vacations!!!!! (:

      August 18 at 9:26am  / 
  85. Jody 

    Lindsay, I wish u the very best. We r from the same home town where u grew up. I always say my daughter was going thru what u have but she’s not a celebrity. Rehab, detox, hospitals…it’s 8 yrs later and she’s in the Bronx renting a room from???Her story goes on and on, too much to write. I’ve written to ask for help in any way at all. She’s 26 and we can not take care of her anymore. This is her choice to live this way, yet she calls and wants to come home. She says she will try and try again to “do the work”. I told her I can’t support this lifestyle emotionally or in any way at all. If u can get in touch and offer any advice I would love to hear from you…my email is Marty1224@aol.com. Thank you for your time in any way at all. I saw your mom in Home Goods last week and wanted to say hello but, I thought she’d think I’m a crazed fan. Didn’t want to frighten her…Best of luck and stay strong Lindsay!

    August 17 at 6:26am  / 
    • snowball 

      Praying for your daughter, too many of our young are in her shoes, trusting in God’s grace……..

      August 19 at 6:30am  / 
  86. timmy 


    August 17 at 6:34am  / 
  87. mel 

    Here we are to support you, Lindsay! Argentina is with you <3

    August 17 at 7:53am  / 
  88. Miaa 

    Hope Lindsay wins an Oscar for her new TV role!!!!

    August 17 at 8:07am  / 
  89. carmudeon 

    You go Lindsay, life’s tough, please don’t make it tougher.
    You have so many people that like you for you, hope that keeps you motivated.

    August 17 at 8:12am  / 
  90. LindsayIsBack. . .ToShartingHerself 

    Good Morning All

    August 17 at 9:47am  / 
  91. Helen 

    Love you Lindsay! <3

    August 17 at 10:57am  / 
  92. Anthony Danny 

    You’ve been through many difficult times and now you’re back under the spotlight. You’re such an inspiration. I wish you the very best !

    August 17 at 11:57am  / 
  93. Lukas Lohan 

    I love you Lindsay! Im so happy you are back!

    August 17 at 12:08pm  / 
  94. LindsayIsBack. . .ToShartingHerself 

    Who does Queen Elizabeth think she is? Lindz is EVERY ONES QUEEN!!

    August 17 at 3:43pm  / 
  95. LindsayIsBack. . .ToShartingHerself 

    I ‘reply’ to peeps and yet it shows as a ‘new’ comment, whats up with that??

    August 17 at 6:51pm  / 
  96. JenniferLee 

    I love you Lindsay Lohan<3

    August 17 at 7:19pm  / 
  97. Lilos 1 fan lol 

    i’m your biggest fan :)

    August 17 at 8:37pm  / 
  98. ir8wishcry 

    way to go on the new life gurly. keep up the good work. we’re all here for ya.

    August 18 at 12:51am  / 
  99. Karl Mauk 

    All the best, Lindsay! Great to have you back!

    August 18 at 7:28am  / 
  100. LuvYouLindsay 

    What a GREAT SITE!!!! This looks So Professional, did Lindsay design this? She is so talented and beautiful, I wouldn’t be surprised that she made this all by herself!!!!


    August 18 at 6:30pm  / 
  101. Mary Russo Simeone 

    I just watched the interview with Oprah. I was happy to see that you are focused, poised and honest. I just wanted to say that although I have not seen many of your movies I am anxious to see your future projects. You are a talent. Stay focused, no need to bare your soul to the public. You don’t owe anyone anything. Take one day at a time, stick to the program and focus on being healthy and active! Proud of you!!

    August 18 at 7:36pm  / 
  102. Heatfan6 

    SO nice to see you so happy Lindsay. Love you lots.

    August 18 at 9:25pm  / 
  103. Stastep 

    Hi Lindsay,
    missed u..
    have always admired U..
    U have always been a beauty to me..
    But now from this moment for me u are BEAUTY WITH BRAINS.. As u have decided to start afresh..
    (NOTE: I am a personal fashion designer.. would like to design for U, first and foremost I would love to design A SAREE for u.. A SAREE is a BEAUTIFUL, ELEGANT attire worn by Indian women…

    August 18 at 9:43pm  / 
  104. snowball 

    Praising God for all the good news, hopefully you will be a role model and praying my granddaughter will follow!

    August 19 at 6:22am  / 
  105. Franziska Vaughn 

    I’m so happy the site finally opened, I’ve waited for years. :)
    Please share your world with us.

    August 19 at 9:09am  / 
  106. djscooter2570 

    Welcome back lindsay
    I know you can do anything that you put your mind to as I have seen it as we have grown up
    Your still a strong person even though you may feel weak
    That little shine of brightness coming from within your heart can bighten the darkest of days
    And by the look of it your fans I see need you like the flowers need sunlight in winter and they def look like they miss you like the desert misses the rain.
    Be all you can be linds and strive to be who only you want to be.

    Dj Scooter. Xo

    August 19 at 3:47pm  / 
  107. Vania Kononenko 

    Hi Lindsay Very good pictures. They appear on the mood

    September 29 at 9:33am  / 
  108. Miaa 

    Watch your language!! You are messing up this beautiful place!

    August 17 at 8:18am  / 
  109. Miaa 

    Everyone has a right to an opinion, we have free speech here.

    Also, don’t curse.

    August 17 at 10:20am  / 
  110. LindsayIsBack. . .ToShartingHerself 

    Why the FUCK not?? *Hehe*

    August 17 at 4:30pm  / 
  111. Miaa 

    Ummmm, there are a lot of pre-teens here and those kind of words are no-nos for them.

    Plus, don’t think Linds would approve. Thanks! Awesome!! (:

    August 17 at 5:12pm  / 
  112. I Love Lindsay 

    You are so right Miaa. Only the uneducated resort to cursing to get their point across. I also hate nudity in films. Only a desperate actor would resort to roles involving nudity. That’s why I love Lindsay because she’s an A List actor and doesn’t need to lower herself like that.

    August 18 at 4:47am  /