The Canyons: Get The Look

Lindsay Lohan - Swimsuit Canyons

Lindsay Lohan - Swimsuit Canyons

As seen in The Canyons, Lindsay stuns poolside in a super deep Gloria-V American Apparel swimsuit in white. Shop the look here. x TEAM LOHAN



  1. Anitte1995 

    I love this swimsuit, but red is better :)

    August 29 at 10:32am  / 
  2. Carolyn Cuper 

    Obviously beautiful sweetie ;)

    August 29 at 10:50am  / 
  3. James Stanford 

    You look great in any color. Get to a meeting soon.

    August 29 at 10:51am  / 
  4. markareese33 

    You Look Absolutely Beautiful !!!!

    August 29 at 10:58am  / 
  5. DeathProofx 

    do women want an honest answer on “How do I look”?

    you’re beautiful! I love you! let’s make beige babies!!

    August 29 at 10:59am  / 
  6. Alan Watson 

    You’ve always been beautiful, and you look stunning in that white swim suit.

    August 29 at 11:12am  / 
  7. katiebella 

    ♥☼♫love the swim suit

    August 29 at 11:32am  / 
  8. Rich Hammond 

    Absolutely stunning… and the swimsuit’s not too bad either…

    August 29 at 11:44am  / 
  9. lindseylpearce 

    You look amazing! You radiate happiness! ♥

    August 29 at 11:46am  / 
  10. Phillip H George 


    August 29 at 11:48am  / 
  11. Ekaterina Soldat 


    August 29 at 11:58am  / 
  12. Ian Billings 

    Fabulous! <3

    August 29 at 12:00pm  / 
  13. Girl POWER Entertainment 

    these are cute swimsuits! Wish me luck, here I go! Next stop- Oprah Winfrey Network! Then off to Shawn Holley’s! I hope you like my plan, I made it as befitting of you as possible.

    August 29 at 12:09pm  / 
  14. Rick Mynatt 

    You look beautiful as ever Lindsay, keep up the great work! :)

    August 29 at 12:29pm  / 
  15. Ron Etter 

    Fantastic beautiful as always, oh if i was just younger lol

    August 29 at 12:38pm  / 
  16. belenlohan 

    you’re always beautiful♥

    August 29 at 1:04pm  / 
  17. Robert 

    Looking great!

    August 29 at 1:23pm  / 
  18. Matthew J Church 

    Absolutely Yummy :)

    August 29 at 1:29pm  / 
  19. Brian LILO 

    Damn Lindsay looks amazing

    August 29 at 1:47pm  / 
  20. Ismail Khan 


    August 29 at 1:50pm  / 
  21. Dirk Bock 

    nice one

    August 29 at 2:17pm  / 
  22. Robert Melendez 


    August 29 at 2:43pm  / 
  23. kmccoy194 

    Just wanted to send my wishes to you for your continued recovery and good health. Just take it odat.

    August 29 at 3:04pm  / 
  24. Jose Javier Tavarez 

    Gorgeous as always

    August 29 at 4:11pm  / 
  25. mohammed villa 


    August 29 at 4:30pm  / 
  26. Cathy Coppola 

    Beautiful as always

    August 29 at 4:48pm  / 
  27. Adrian Smith 

    you spot on! i still reckon your style would suit the short boardie shorts.their not hot pants..but fully girl boardshorts that you can wear casual anytime,with your bikini cap and shades! still…your i can see the swimwear..”togs”..that suit the be honest…i wouldn’t have an effing clue..i was asked to look good any time lindsay.

    August 29 at 6:17pm  / 
  28. Khandaker Mokarram Ali 

    dont worry about those nightmares…but dont forget too…because those will help u to live again…WELCOME DEAR

    August 29 at 8:26pm  / 
  29. Dave Bible 

    That is a classic and sexy look!You own it!!

    August 29 at 8:46pm  / 
  30. mike7sss 

    You look pretty,and adult sober Beauty!! :)

    August 29 at 10:02pm  / 
  31. marry me lindsay 

    i loved her,,,

    August 30 at 3:34pm  / 
  32. Juan dope 


    August 30 at 7:42pm  / 
  33. MrBarrio 


    August 30 at 9:25pm  / 
  34. ranzes perez 


    August 30 at 11:28pm  / 
  35. Tony Love 

    I want to say she makes me feel all right

    August 31 at 10:22am  / 
  36. Johnny Tovar 

    You look great, Lindsay!

    September 1 at 6:52am  / 
  37. Rafael Centenera 

    \\(O) // <3

    September 1 at 9:21am  / 
  38. Dolla 

    U r fucking gorgeous Lindsay!!!

    September 19 at 1:05pm  /