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Lindsay Lohan - Music Studio

Lindsay Lohan - Music Studio



  1. amarie72 

    just left a LONG message and then found out I needed to be signed in…ugh…anywho…heard you are making music again, I think you should hook up with Tricky….he’s older but a dynamic artist. I bet he could help you produce quite an album with your voice. Check out his album “Maxinquaye” I think he’s British…good luck!

    December 17 at 7:24pm  / 
  2. bryan evans gl 


    December 17 at 8:01pm  / 
  3. Anitte1995 

    you must singing again:)!

    December 17 at 10:14pm  / 
  4. mazinkaizer 

    Be yourself ,listen I can see that u did the gingle ball with miley cyrus.your performance is very powerfull,but don’t strain or exert yourself too much.these are powerfull forces lindsay,I can read how you feel.u feel like a beast or monster of the stage right?u feel that enormous force or energy coming out of nowhere right?.use playback if u feel it is too much,sing in playback if u feel u exerting yourself too to the director.a lot of electricity is going on between u and the crowd.take a pause in case.

    December 17 at 10:55pm  / 
  5. JonathanQueen 

    omg!!!! a new album? please make my dream come true. I love you

    December 18 at 3:44pm  / 
  6. Carlosfelipeeee 

    lindsay music again soon, love you <3

    December 18 at 4:06pm  / 
  7. David Charles Maurice Fraga 

    any plans on making a new song?

    December 18 at 4:22pm  / 
  8. Alisha Shutterbug Mora 

    My daughter just learned that you sing. She was 5 when rumors and daughter to father came out. She was pleasantly surprised. Looking forward to hearing some new material. =)

    December 18 at 5:58pm  / 
  9. Frank L. Jimmy 

    Hey there! How is it going. Going? Happy holiday

    December 18 at 8:14pm  / 
  10. Carlos Mars 

    It’s new music or movie??
    I really need hear your voice again in a new single!!
    Love ya!

    December 19 at 1:10am  / 
  11. mazinkaizer 

    My god, I forgot to tell u lindsay,please always carrie a bottle of water with you.I see u did that already which is good,please keep it up.I feel it is your chakras spinning,it probably make u feel thirsty .I myself am always carrying a bottle of water.when u listen,your body work a little differently. I will keep track on u ,and see the redemption of your carrier.thank u

    December 21 at 12:02am  /