Seeing Double

Apparently, I was a cool 10-year-old. Now, if I had a twin… haha -L



  1. Cameron MacDonald 

    i used to replay this VHS over and over as a kid, and i still love you more than anything. welcome back lindsay :)

    August 15 at 4:03pm  / 
  2. ilovelana 

    I used to think you really had a twin lol, this movie is so cute :)

    August 15 at 9:44pm  / 
  3. wichitaXI 

    I have seen this movie like 259279275927 times and I love it every single time I watched it! Love you Lindsay!!! <3

    August 16 at 10:19am  / 
  4. MsC 

    I’ve seen this movie many times. Enjoyed It!

    August 16 at 3:01pm  / 
  5. Terri Colbert 

    I have watched you grow up from the days of this movie, so cute, such a bright future. Now I am gonna watch you beat your demons and become the amazing woman I know you are… Good luck Lilo

    August 17 at 4:55am  / 
  6. mel 

    This is such an amazing movie, Lindsey. When I was a kid I used to play it over and over again, and I love it so much! Welcome back, LiLo, greetings from Argentina!!

    August 17 at 7:52am  / 
  7. martinalovelindsay 

    I like it, I like looking at your posts, your style and everything you do is amazing, keep it up Lindsay (y)

    August 17 at 1:21pm  / 
  8. jbeaudet 

    it was a nice movie, nice acting for a girl of this age… double caracters… double scripts… you did another twin movie… <> i think i have seen all your movies

    August 17 at 8:42pm  / 
  9. mcc27 

    I still watch this film aleast twice a it defo in my top 5 xx

    August 18 at 11:41am  / 
  10. MiasAuntisevil 

    This movie was made for you Lindz!!! I mean you were a girl playing a girl, TWO girls in fact!! It was like you were just not acting. You were just so comfortable being a girl playing a girl. Amazing. I have to admit, still my favorite movie. I know, I know. Everyone caring on about The Canyons but Lindz that movie just didn’t work for me. You playing a actress who sleeps with two men at one time and while one man films you..well making a dirty movie while you were actually making a dirty movie…I’m sorry, it was to real for me. I like movies that make me feel good.

    August 18 at 2:03pm  / 
  11. Rajiv Lande Kosegeran 

    The best ever movies

    August 18 at 3:29pm  / 
  12. Luis_lohan 

    The first time I saw this movie I was really young ! I remember seeing it at my friends house on a VCR ! Hahaha! Just Imagine there actually having two Lindsay Lohan’s!! That would be sooooooooo AMAZING <3 I truly love this movie :*

    August 19 at 5:46pm  /