Peace & Relaxation

Lindsay-Lohan-Swimsuit-Relaxing-1 Lindsay-Lohan-Swimsuit-Relaxing-2

loving the sunshine here xo




  1. MaidenSlave 

    Beauty Enough to Share? Come to Summerville , SC. 29483 I am visiting Family here and Would be honored to Drive Us back to So Cal ! I came here from Fontana near AAA Auto Club Speedway, We could Spend Quality Time learning about eachother with no distractions?

    December 6 at 5:15pm  / 

    Lindsay what Fantastic Pictures !

    December 6 at 5:37pm  / 
  3. jose_mo29 

    You look f***ing amazing.

    December 6 at 5:55pm  / 
  4. Claudia Helena Gonzales Selum 


    December 6 at 6:58pm  / 
  5. Irfan Nurahmed 

    Thank you for your hope, MyLo.

    December 6 at 7:31pm  / 
  6. Anitte1995 

    have a great weekend with sunshine:)!!! I want warm weather too=/

    December 6 at 11:36pm  / 
  7. mazinkaizer 

    Hello beautifull calypso.

    December 7 at 1:24am  / 
  8. Juan Eduardo Alvear 

    Adorably elegant

    December 7 at 2:47am  / 
  9. vaze7 

    I think I’m in love but I know i will never had you; anyway Nice Pictures.

    December 7 at 4:00am  / 
  10. Cameron MacDonald 

    Beautiful pictures Lindsay :) how is your day going?!

    December 7 at 11:30am  / 
  11. bryan evans gl 

    makes me happy to see these you happy. I love you lindsay

    December 7 at 1:55pm  / 
  12. Frank L. Jimmy 

    Hellonso how is the holiday s goin going???

    December 7 at 11:18pm  / 
  13. Mikeeee 

    Wish I was there with you! Your the only woman from Long Island that I actually like. Your past a ten.. Xoxo Michael

    December 8 at 3:09am  / 
  14. Disney Princess 

    Oh my poor beautiful Lindsay, once again the means jealous people are after you for the fight that was not the fault of you.

    Keep safe my Disney Princess and don’t lets the people push you arond, you will wins this again and make many more movies


    December 8 at 11:17am  / 
  15. godoflight 

    Lindsay is the Greatest and Beautyfulest Women Alive . She is Amazing and so realy Pure! I Love It !!! ♡♥♡

    December 9 at 11:51am  / 
  16. vaze7 

    Excuse my last comment I get over excited; as much as I hate to admit that it always happens when I find someone attractive. From now on no flirtatious comments just comments of encouragement and blessings. Focus on Inner Peace and Bible Scriptures. I’m doing that because it keeps my flirtatious behavior under control. You will continue to succeed as long as you continue to think good positive thoughts. God Bless

    December 9 at 7:34pm  / 
  17. Juan Eduardo Alvear 

    You are an Academy Award super actress. Thanks so much for all the efforts and strength you are putting into your life and career.

    I enjoy so much hearing about you, seeing you. I do not even know you personally, yet I am so fond of you, so attracted to you. You are adorable!

    We need adorable charismatic people in our lives. You are an inspiration, and even more now than ever. Keep on going. I want to see you triumph. If all rich and successful people were like you, the world would be a much better place. Give them your Christian Testimony, beautiful daughter of our Sweet Lady Mother Mary. May she anoint you and guard you always. Let my tears be a prayer for you.

    Kudos Lindsay! Remember to go to Mass every Sunday. Don’t forget your roots. Be strong and trust, as you always do, in Christ!

    You know what I admire most about you?

    You have been so falsely accused, yet you rose and are learning the secret: “Who cares what the evil think or say about me. I care about what my God and I think of me, and those that love me well. May the Lord help you understand the opinions of the evil ones can not ever hurt you, ever!

    December 16 at 3:33pm  /