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Lindsay Lohan - Friends



  1. Anitte1995 

    oh my gooood, be careful!!! <3

    June 10 at 11:31pm  / 
  2. MrBarrio 

    Cool! Awesome BFF gorgeous Lindsay.

    June 11 at 8:53am  / 
  3. Joe Solebello 

    I’d soo rather have some birds, or maybe hamsters. I saw some hamsters exercising in their cage at the pet store. They were waayyy cuter than that slimy, scary reptile. Cheers :-)

    June 12 at 9:07pm  / 
  4. PeytonPittman 

    That looks rather terrifying! But props to you for the nerve!

    June 12 at 9:13pm  / 
  5. LASK 

    Anything for a comment… Huh Lo? ;-)


    June 12 at 9:41pm  / 
  6. H-d 

    Lindsay,your lips are deformed …you’re perfect you don’t need it.Please ,stop

    June 14 at 5:30pm  / 
  7. waldonfsbxcbx 

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    June 17 at 7:32pm  / 
  8. Kyla2001 

    OMG ! Ctfu be very careful Lindsay …. snakes can be dagerous as hell … Love you Lindsay <3

    June 19 at 10:13pm  / 
  9. MrBarrio 


    July 1 at 12:47am  /