MTV Moment: LL’s Moves

Taking on hosting duties for the evening, Lindsay steps up for a surprise hip-hop dance at the 2004 MTV Movie Awards.




  1. carlosallauca 

    Lindsay should host the 2014 Movie Awards to make her comeback legit and celebrate being a host 10 years ago! Make it happen Team Lohan!

    August 22 at 12:38pm  / 
    • Miaa 

      Lindsay will be too busy starring in movies to do hosting. She is concentrating on her AMAZING acting career!!!

      August 22 at 4:26pm  / 
  2. Tony Love 

    kickin and droppin like what what

    August 22 at 1:11pm  / 
  3. rebeca 


    I would like to send an email to Lindsay… Where I can send a personal email to her?

    Thank you,


    August 22 at 1:30pm  / 
  4. wichitaXI 

    I love you Dancing!!!! Best host Ever <3 love you Lindsay!!!

    August 22 at 3:48pm  / 
  5. Miaa 

    This was almost 10 years ago. xxoxox!!!!!!!!! We would love to see clips from Herbie Fully Loaded too!!! WOW!!!

    August 22 at 4:24pm  / 
  6. jasmine 

    I love Lindsay as a blonde. Who was that cute girl with the red hair – she wasn’t a good dancer and stole Lindsay’s spotlight :( xoxoxo hugs and loves to Lilo

    August 22 at 8:16pm  / 
  7. Suélen Azevedo 


    August 24 at 1:34pm  / 
  8. Suélen Azevedo 

    Best of all voice

    August 24 at 1:45pm  / 
  9. Xemtesado16 

    U really are a great dancer xoxo

    August 25 at 12:23am  / 
  10. AkoSiPogi 

    This is amazing Linds

    August 27 at 5:28pm  / 
  11. Nancia 

    Brilliant dancer !! Rock on LiLo <3
    Wish the dance lasted longer. :)

    September 4 at 5:19pm  / 
  12. Bjørnar Bråthen 

    You are so fine. You have this special quality of beeing honest and true and still beeing flamboyant and sweet to the press. Im impressed. You touch my heart.

    September 21 at 7:56pm  / 
  13. Boris Sandoval Quintero 

    muy buena bailarina aunque el video tiene sus años

    September 30 at 2:21pm  / 
  14. Carlos Garcìa 

    Ok I’ll marry you!

    October 4 at 3:47pm  / 
  15. Caroline Limata 


    I can’t believe that was 9 years ago! What a fun night we had. You were Amazing! I just found your site. I am rooting for you! Always have, Always will. Justin Long and you were in my dream last night to make a sequel to Herbie Fully Loaded! Ha! (: Miss you and hope you stay well. xx- Caroline

    October 5 at 11:18pm  /