1. Márcio Antonelli 

    Uma maravilha de mulher…

    June 25 at 3:14pm  / 


    June 25 at 3:28pm  / 
  3. Charlie 

    whack style. #youarebetterthenthat

    June 25 at 3:31pm  / 
  4. Jérôme Pouliot 

    What a beautiful STAR!

    June 25 at 3:32pm  / 
  5. FiniteDenial 

    You are truly amazingly sexy. I would love to have the chance to party with you once. Though I know now you have cleaned up. Always thought it would just be epic lol

    June 25 at 3:33pm  / 
  6. soberstrong 

    Lindsay, You already know your supper hot and sexy! I know you are a beautiful and supper caring person! You are (Supper Cool) Love you so much and I send many blessings to you! Thank you, Matt Harrison Soberstrong.com

    June 25 at 6:13pm  / 
  7. Irfan Nurahmed 

    If you were coming back to L.A. I’d say I loved it.

    June 25 at 7:30pm  / 
  8. vaze7 

    Ms.Lindsay Lohan I know your birthday is coming up soon and I just wanna say Happy Birthday and God Bless. Don’t never forget your connection with the Almighty God because He is wonderful and He Loves all of us. Continue to read your Bible Scriptures, Meditate, and always strive for Inner peace. We strive and get Inner Peace because of the conditions of our world. John 14: 27

    June 25 at 7:34pm  / 
  9. Anuj Verma 


    June 25 at 9:26pm  / 
  10. Anitte1995 

    you are P E R F E C T <3

    June 25 at 10:31pm  / 
  11. Tjaboo 

    I think god created you to perfection. I love you so very much Lindsey.

    June 26 at 12:05am  / 
  12. jae 

    Glad ur “back”. And u look great as always… When I graduate college n get enough money, im totally ttying to date u. So stay single forr baby. Xoxo. P.s if u can deal w/ the middle class… Im teady for u now, ma. Ttys. -Jae Wheeler

    June 26 at 1:00am  / 
  13. jae 

    Typo city. U got that tho right ;) cya

    June 26 at 1:02am  / 
  14. aninhaviolin 

    I also miss you

    June 26 at 3:20pm  / 
  15. MrBarrio 

    Same here

    July 1 at 12:49am  / 
  16. Brian Joseph Velazquez 

    Miss you too and Happy Birthday Lindsay! <3 :)

    July 1 at 11:10pm  / 
  17. Darrell Shoeman 

    everyone gave this chick a bad rap but I think shes a great women and she gets more beautiful with age happy birthday and im happy to see you still hanging in there

    July 2 at 4:16pm  / 
  18. Henry Medina 

    hellow happy birthday lindsay

    July 2 at 6:00pm  / 
  19. Minerva Perez Zamora 

    Hola Lindsay ! Muchas Felicidades por tu cumple que te la pases super y seas muy feliz ! ;-)

    July 2 at 8:55pm  / 
  20. mikey626 

    Lindsay , you’re still the hottest I’ve ever seen baby!!!.

    July 3 at 3:30pm  / 
  21. wizzard559 

    Hi Lindsey. I been one of ur fans since u came on the scene. I have a few ideas on a major come back for self and I’m sure u thought about it aswell. Im thinking A major SUPERHERO MOVIE. would be awesome. Maybe Poison Ivy, Scarlett Witch, but definitely something with MARVEL or DC comic’s I have a really good feeling it will help. Have a great day doll. Later.

    July 11 at 1:30pm  / 
  22. Awesome andy 

    Enjoy London Lindsay …”forget the past, ignore the future,be positive and be happy” ps the ace cafe in London is great for hod rods and bikes :) god bless x

    July 12 at 12:29pm  / 
  23. FRINGM 

    You remain to be one of the prettiest and talented actresses out there, we need you on the silver screen.

    September 16 at 12:30pm  /