MEAN GIRLS 10th Birthday!



flashback to 2004. can’t believe it’s been ten years #teamcady

xo L



  1. Anitte1995 

    That´s so FETCH!!! You are still amazing and beautiful♥!!! Happy 10th Anniversary :-*

    April 30 at 2:26pm  / 
    • kleinmanvp 

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    • Kelvin Jay Loner 

      Stop trying to May fletch happen@Jon316pierce. Chevy Chase already did that. Lol.

      September 3 at 6:38am  / 
      • Kelvin Jay Loner 

        Make fletch lives also way better. Not really the first rules all comedy. Mean girls 2 would be sweet. Love that sweater;)-

        September 3 at 6:39am
  2. Lindsay Lohan ITALY 

    April 30th, 2004 – April 30th, 2014 #10YearsOfMeanGirls Thank you Lindsay for this masterpiece which will probably still be relevant in another 10 years. CLASSIC. ❤️

    April 30 at 2:51pm  / 
  3. Patrícia Costa 

    Mean Girls forever bitches <3

    April 30 at 2:56pm  / 
    • PeytonPittman 

      #TeamCady #TeamLiLo

      April 30 at 3:09pm  / 
  4. PeytonPittman 

    Happy 10th anniversary! Well done with making so much history with this one! You are ever-talented & ever talented. And soon enough, people are going to start seeing nothing but the positive about you again. Watching your Fallon interview compared to other ones that are just negative…the difference is just so riveting!

    April 30 at 3:08pm  / 
  5. Cameron MacDonald 

    this will still be relevant 100 years from now. i love you so much lindsay i wish the best for you and i send you positive vibes everyday! you are truly my hero :)

    April 30 at 6:26pm  / 
  6. vaze7 

    Happy Anniversary. This was a good movie

    April 30 at 7:43pm  / 
  7. Rayza Lagares 


    May 1 at 8:46am  / 
  8. Shez Anais 

    Loved that film. Enjoy the celebrating x

    May 1 at 8:47am  / 
  9. jimmy_page 

    I loved it

    May 1 at 1:03pm  / 
  10. raghavendraprasad 

    I am from India.Congratulations for 10th anniversary of Mean Girls.My sister loved MEAN GIRLS movie

    May 3 at 4:08am  / 
  11. Jack Guthrie 

    Love u Lindsay. This is a great movie. But u will always be a fabulous actress! Can’t wait for you to win an Oscar! You’ve got this. Keep it up! Love Always, Jack Guthrie

    May 3 at 6:44pm  / 
  12. MrBarrio 


    May 4 at 10:21am  / 
  13. ConnorSinclair 

    Ten years?! That’s bitchin

    May 4 at 9:22pm  /