Quotable: Mean Girls EDITION

mean girls

what’s your favorite #MeanGirls moment?



  1. Anitte1995 

    I’m thinking:D.. I love all, it’s really hard.. “you can’t sit with us!” “too gay to function” and many more:)

    April 30 at 3:42pm  / 
    • kleinmanvp 

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  2. ehv2 

    when i see photos you post , like ,recently, NY and London , I know the pictures ere good ones when the comment section has just one word messages, even i was overcome, and left with just one word to manage, with what little of my breath was left, and thats when i noticed most could only utter one to three words–LOOKIN GOOD L………………………..ehv2
    PS although i am quite familiar with the movie” Mean Girls” i have not yet had the good fortune to view the picture

    May 2 at 2:44pm  / 
  3. ConnorSinclair 

    “One time she punched me in the face… It was awesome.”

    May 4 at 9:20pm  / 
  4. Jasenka Kennedy 

    I just watched you on Oprah. You are surrounded by people whose trying to make you like them and it is not very helpful to you. I am not trying to be nice but you leave impression like being very clever person who like honesty and this is why you are often angry with people you have around yourself. In the same time you use lots of energy to discuss things with people (finding place to live for ex) and I can see that it is exhausting for you. I am personal trainer and I like to drink. I know what is required to get balance in your life. To start with, you need people who are not fake around you. No one actually find the way to offer you way to find that balance. It looks as everyone is looking for there own promotion. Anyway, English is not my first language but I hope you got my point. You being actress is not reason I am emailing to you. I just felt that my point of view might be helpful to you.
    Best, Jasenka Kennedy

    May 6 at 3:13pm  / 
  5. Brunno Aparecido UJ 

    I like that part of you falls in the trash! :D :3
    And those scenes that happens but it’s not one thing, it’s just your imagined character, such as flying like a panther on the girls! LOL

    May 23 at 6:48pm  /