Love you Madonna!

Lindsay Lohan - Madonna Party

Madonna is the ultimate icon. I had such an amazing time at her secretprojectrevolution launch party last night. I’ve always been a huge fan of her art, artistic passion and one-of-a-kind self-expression. See her and Steven Klein’s new film above! Xo




  1. Ian Billings 

    I am ok with Madonna, but I’ve always been a huge fan of Lindsay Lohan <3

    September 25 at 11:05am  / 
  2. Hasan Balcı 

    love youuuu :)

    September 25 at 11:42am  / 
  3. brunamariano 

    My two idols & inspirations together. This is a dream come true! You don’t know how much that is thrilling to me, Lindsay! Thank you my bella! Love you so much <3

    September 25 at 11:50am  / 
  4. Stella Modellstella Wedin 

    Love ya Lindsay!
    Answere me plz!!!

    September 25 at 12:19pm  / 
  5. JJ1973 

    Cute pictures. you look great. ; )

    September 25 at 12:35pm  / 

    Lindsay it is so nice to see you having a good time . You look Amazing ! Go Lindsay Always rooting for you !

    September 25 at 12:42pm  / 
  7. Anitte1995 

    Love you Lindsay!

    September 25 at 1:15pm  / 
  8. Bami23 

    Lindsay and Madonna – Two icons in one room!

    September 25 at 1:19pm  / 
  9. Luciano Lima 

    I love you both!!

    September 25 at 2:12pm  / 
  10. Luã Palácio 

    Madonna is the best, the queen… taks Lindsay for your love to Madonna <3

    September 25 at 2:53pm  / 
  11. marry me lindsay 

    i love you lilo,,,,kisses from brazil my queen

    September 25 at 5:02pm  / 
  12. Ana Luiza 

    I watched “Madonna: Truth or Dare” last week. She is indeed a great mix of businesswoman and artist. Role model.

    September 26 at 5:29pm  / 
  13. Anfernee24 

    LiLo! You Look AWESOME! So healthy and beautiful! Such a woman! Keep it up Lindsay our fans support you! You did it GREAT on the “Canyons” and you were BEYOND Hilarious in “Chelsea Lately” You are an inspiration for most of us! Love from Costa Rica!!!

    September 26 at 8:16pm  /