Love, Truth, Power… My New Tattoo

Lindsay Lohan - Tattoo

Lindsay Lohan - Tattoo

Wanted you guys to see it first. Feeling good and love you <3 L



  1. Carlos Garcìa 

    ☻/ღ˚ •。* ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* ° ˚☻ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。
    /▌*˛˚ღ •I marry you

    October 15 at 4:19pm  / 
  2. brunamariano 

    Really inspiring. It’s great to see you focused, Lindsay! One of the things I want in my life is to see you healthy and recovered. And you’re going the right way! You’ll go far my bella <3

    Love you,

    Bruna Mariano

    October 15 at 4:38pm  / 
  3. wichitaXI 

    Love it!!!!! <3

    October 15 at 4:43pm  / 
  4. Bami23 

    Nice tats! Every tattoo tells a story.

    October 15 at 4:45pm  / 
  5. Rubens Ferreira 

    I love it <3

    October 15 at 5:11pm  / 
  6. Humberto Garay 

    love you Lindsay!!

    October 15 at 7:10pm  / 
  7. Ralph V Sto Domingo 

    Hi Babe..just woke up.had a busy day yesterday.left the house at 1 home at 2am.Slept like 5am then woke up at 10am.hehe.:) Babe dont put any more tattoo on your skin.It looks cool but Its not healthy for the you.:)

    October 15 at 7:24pm  / 
  8. Mechamol 

    Love the tattoo. My little brother (17 years old) is bugging me to get him his first tattoo a birds eye view go a turtle ( his favorite animal)

    October 15 at 8:39pm  / 
  9. Robert Gonzales 

    The triangle with the line across it is the air symbol. Love, Truth and power comes from with in. You can have all of these by keeping in a forward motion. Don’t look back you are doing good.

    October 15 at 10:22pm  / 
  10. Anitte1995 

    it´s GREAT! Thank you for showed, darling! I love you too, more then you think <3

    October 15 at 10:26pm  / 
  11. mark nezuh 

    Nice stuff u got their,dont have one though[ tattoo that this]
    still like jewls you have on.those are pain full though , hope your ok

    October 15 at 11:14pm  / 
  12. RobPiPa72 

    It’s nice! I like it! It’s you! I support all that you do! Just try not to overdue too many “tats” become many tend to grow out of that “fad”.

    October 16 at 12:01am  / 
  13. lucagrant 


    October 16 at 6:09am  / 
  14. Katie Clarke 

    <3 Echelon

    October 16 at 7:01am  / 
  15. Sofii Echelon 

    it’s a fucking triad bitches!!!!! :’D just too perfect love you sis!! :)

    October 16 at 9:13am  / 
  16. elisapagati 

    I love your tattoo!

    October 16 at 10:30am  / 
  17. Christina Bruckbauer 

    I love your tatto! :-)

    October 16 at 1:15pm  / 
  18. wvincenty 

    Cool are you reading Steve Pavlina ?.I hope it helps you on your path
    I think he is awesome …you are in my prayers

    October 16 at 2:43pm  / 
  19. tangie 

    tat looks great…love the meaning….hang in there, I am on the other side of things…Protekurself Cincinnati…on FB but I am, let me repeat…I AM pulling for ya girl…you need me…I monitor Protekurself…all the time..I know you have support..but I have helped lots get

    October 16 at 4:48pm  / 
  20. fb100006624005319 

    You have to love Ink with meaning! I Have been a Cleveland Browns fan since I was a kid and have a big orange helmet on my forearm! Thank God I own a laser tattoo removal company now!! LOL!!
    Love the Ink BTW! Keep up the good work Lindsay!!

    October 17 at 1:58am  / 

    Pretty Deep meaning Lindsay ! LL ROCKS

    October 17 at 11:23am  / 
  22. Tony Dix 

    Can’t really make it out, but tattoos are sexy.

    October 17 at 2:59pm  / 
  23. Ana Luiza 

    “O amor é paciente, o amor é bondoso. Não inveja, não se vangloria, não se orgulha.” Is it 1 13:4?
    Love you!

    October 17 at 8:36pm  / 
  24. Ernest Henry Vogt II 

    love power truth–describe GOD ,who it just so happens is a good friend of mine, and his son, if i had to guess id say they are friends of yours as wel—honestly they may be the only friends i have ,but, ultimately they are the only friends i need, although it wouldnt be a bad thing to have more–they are just difficult to find—not people, friends

    October 19 at 12:37am  / 
  25. Mike Ryan 

    Is this your version of the AA triangle within circle design? The three legacies of AA – Unity, Service and Recovery – they do sound like oneness, courage and authority on your tattoo. I do sincerely wish you the best of luck. Just remember that Truth, Love and Power comes from oneness with the loving Higher Power of your understanding – that God that wants to help you now and forever. Is that your sobriety date below it? 1 13.4? I wear my sobriety date on my arm. Always having it there has really helped me to have a constant reminder when I am hanging in there just one day, one hour or sometimes just one minute at a time.

    October 19 at 7:42pm  / 
  26. AVL 

    The IRS has an EFILE logo that would look beautiful on that vampirific arm. You should GOOGLE it.

    October 19 at 9:37pm  / 
  27. Katherine 

    The triangle with a line through it is also a sign for the air star signs such as Lindsay ‘ sign Gemini. I wonder if she knows this too? :) I have a white inverted triangle to represent water x

    February 25 at 1:48pm  /