LL’s Looks: Wearing Glasses



  1. ivon 

    I love you; I hope the Love reaches you. I love you more than Paris, Yes you are so wonderful.- The One

    January 6 at 6:16pm  / 
  2. shining 

    Lindsay do not listen to Oprah, do not do the documentary, do not identify with failure. You are the STAR and they are nobodies, happy to see you fall. Make new movies, you a best living actress!

    January 7 at 7:37am  / 
  3. Irfan Nurahmed 

    I was getting worried about you! But I knew you were fine, getting London ready for a visit …

    January 15 at 12:30pm  / 
  4. Juan Eduardo Alvear 

    You are so beautiful. I pray to God you marry me.

    I know it sounds crazy, but I’m like a kid inside.

    You have the most beautiful eyes and mouth I have ever seen. Your face is so angelical.

    Well, don’t worry. I’m not a stalker. I’m just a fan who fell in love with your beauty and your smile. You are amazing!

    I don’t even know you, and we might not even be able to be friends.

    Anyways, I know you have all sorts of candidates to choose from.

    I am Alvear, descendent from Visigoth nobility. We crowned Kung Don Pelayo in 718, Covadonga, Asturias y Cantabria, northern mountains of Spain. Guardians and responsible for the Reconquista of Spain. I was a candidate for Infanta Cristina, of Spain. Yet, I’m a rock n roll kinda guy, born in Mexico City, and she was in love with Urdangarin. Those are my credentials for proposal, from a knight, to a princess such as you, my dream princess.

    Juan Eduardo Alvear
    Proposal to get to know each other as friends.
    I really like you, and I am very honest and noble.

    January 15 at 12:48pm  / 
  5. Alan Carlesi 

    you are ALWAYS Wonderful!!!!!

    January 15 at 6:05pm  /