LL’s List: Joyrich x Mickey Mouse


loveee my bag from the new disney ss14 @joyrichla collection, coming out this month.

check them out here. xoxo L



  1. ConnorSinclair 

    Toooooo cute. I ❤️ Mickey! xoxoxo Sending light and love

    April 17 at 3:08pm  / 
  2. Anitte1995 

    so cool!!!! I love mickey mouse!!! <3

    April 17 at 10:45pm  / 
  3. oregonbikerchick 

    Love the bag even though I am not a purse carrying woman ;) I hope you receive this from one person that has been in very similar shoes as yours. You just recently come out of rehab, you’re thrown instantly back into the limelight with demands being made by so many people around you who could care less if you fuck up again, they just want the photo shoot or appearance by you. Then on one hand you say that it doesn’t bother you that your friends drink around you and then in the next scene you’re in a club confessing that it is very hard for you b/c of all the alcohol. You can’t keep placing yourself in those situations thinking you’re strong enough and you won’t screw up, b/c lets face it, you haven’t gotten yourself grounded in what is to be a totally knew sober life. You have yet to be able to ground/root yourself in your affirmations. No one has given you the space or time to do that! Your whole life is about change right now, in every respect of the word. You need time to do the work and get rooted and grounded firmly before you allow all these vultures to come in and suck on your soul. And honestly to have friends around you that continue to drink and other things in front of you, well, they are pretty selfish and do not really give a damn if you succeed. its about their 15mins of fame. You gotta change your surroundings baby or you gonna fall and fall hard. I wanna see you succeed. I know my life today is so different than it was 4 years ago. I found out who my real friends were, it was rough and hurt but most of them are not in my life anymore. But I know the ones I do have around me, are true, real friends that I can count on. Be well Lindsay, sorry this was so long but I hope you think about what I wrote. Guidance and protection.

    April 18 at 2:15pm  / 
    • vaze7 

      Hello, I liked your responds to Lindsay, I too am a fan. The Bible tells us we must take care of our bodies because our bodies belong to God and we can’t do with it as we please. She is young and I’m probably older than both of you. Age does play a part in our maturity. Age definitely played a part in my maturity. I pray that she recognizes the importance of good health. I hope you respond to me. I like to become your friend. God Bless

      April 19 at 6:33am  / 
  4. Lindsayfans 

    you’re beautiful and sweet❤️

    April 18 at 2:22pm  / 
  5. vaze7 

    I like it. I use to own a gold mickey mouse watch. I love all the Disney characters.

    April 19 at 6:15am  /