I love Puppies





  1. Aleksey Prikhodko 

    Хороший щенок дорого стоит. Особенно если он умный ;)

    December 24 at 9:58am  / 
  2. Anitte1995 

    I love you:)

    December 24 at 10:17am  / 
  3. Juan Eduardo Alvear 

    You are so cute. I would love to meet you.

    Now, that would be a wish for Santa! But, I still dream like a kid. Just maybe, one day, out of mere coincidence I’ll met you and have dinner with you. And I’d hear you laugh and talk, and hear how you tell me a story.

    Santa, I would love to have dinner with Lindsay Lohan.


    December 24 at 2:48pm  / 
  4. Frank L. Jimmy 

    Aww puppy love. Cute

    December 24 at 4:25pm  / 
  5. bryan evans gl 

    wow this looks like a hole dug to lindo.se I own but yours is more beautiful

    December 25 at 4:26pm  / 
  6. kicks 

    I love you lindsay

    December 25 at 11:13pm  / 
  7. vaze7 

    Totally Gorgeous.

    December 27 at 7:39am  /