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Lindsay Lohan - Instagram Photo Apps



  1. JBay 

    damn, that’s a gorgeous pic.

    October 8 at 5:32pm  / 
  2. Felix Rubio 


    October 8 at 5:45pm  / 
  3. Nancy Susana Lohan Volkova 

    So cute my princess i love you so much am from colombia :3

    October 8 at 5:47pm  / 
  4. Alexa Rose 

    i am mega addicted to the photo apps also.. it makes me wish there were more to photograph just so i can play with the apps! lol!

    October 8 at 5:49pm  / 
  5. Ana Luiza 


    October 8 at 6:02pm  / 
  6. Bami23 

    So gorge… no filter needed.

    October 8 at 6:07pm  / 
  7. RickyMimms 

    I love photo apps as well! This is a pretty rad photo, you look amazing. What color is your iPhone 5c? I thought about upgrading to that iPhone, however I just bought the iPhone 5 and I think that I’ll wait until the fall of 2014 for the iPhone 6. Although I really do love the the 5c! I hope all is well, take care! :)

    October 8 at 6:52pm  / 
  8. doneyet 

    my favorite a-list celebrity!!! when’s the new album??

    October 8 at 7:04pm  / 
  9. Tony Love 

    Thanks for sharing, glad to see somebody else likes filters. Is this the Foxy Lady app? Keep ‘em coming!

    October 8 at 7:55pm  / 
  10. Camilo Andrés Da Silva 

    Lindsay I dont know if you are going to see this but I do really love you! I miss your music and your movies… Please comeback!!! you have the skills to be the best. come on!!!

    October 8 at 9:13pm  / 
  11. Anitte1995 

    amazing photo! you´re sooo beautiful!!!!

    October 8 at 10:24pm  / 
  12. Hansell Radam Ramirez 

    You know you are something like a goddess.

    October 8 at 10:26pm  / 
  13. Mario Rubčić 

    Hello Lindsay,how are you? Check my photos http://www.panoramio.com/user/7797581?comment_page=1&photo_page=2

    See you,write to my inbox.

    October 9 at 2:52am  / 
  14. Boris Sandoval Quintero 

    de veras y como es usual muy linda lo unico que dudo es que clase de smartpnone es jajaja

    October 9 at 9:29am  / 

    Looking Great Lindsay !

    October 9 at 9:59am  / 
  16. Boris Sandoval Quintero 

    ahora en serio preciosa envia fotos recientes y actualizadas no puedes desperdiciar tan inmensa belleza ese es tu don tu poder tu estrella para que el sinnumero de admiradores en el planta encuentre al menos un consuelo en medio de este revoltijo plantario obedece mi humilde sugerencia ojala luzcas el misterioso color negro apenas para una preciosisima rubia como tu espero que tus emociones esten mejor en proceso de sanacion

    October 9 at 10:15am  / 
  17. elisapagati 

    So beautiful!

    October 9 at 1:29pm  / 
  18. 2LindsaysOneHeart 

    I love this picture. Too bad I can’t see your beautiful green eyes because of the filter. ♥

    October 9 at 3:06pm  / 
  19. marry me lindsay 

    my gosh,,help me to meet lilo,,i love her too much,,,,wonderfulll

    October 9 at 3:57pm  / 
  20. salvador 

    guapa la niña

    October 9 at 7:47pm  / 
  21. Rafael Centenera 

    19 \\(O) // <3

    October 10 at 1:00am  / 
  22. George Green 

    We love you Lilo! Keep up the good job and i’m sure you will rise again you have the talent and the love of people who are rooting for you! <3

    October 10 at 5:29am  / 
  23. Xena Ephiny 

    very beautiful Linds:) what photo app did u use to make this picture look this way?? i love this picture :)

    October 13 at 1:15am  / 
  24. Tin 

    Hi linsay, I don’t know if you’re gonna read this. I’m s real fan of yours here in the Philippines, been watching your film The Parent trap like thrice a week! ohh, anyways keep it up lin, you are fabulous. Pray always, I hope and I pray that we will meet someday! Palangga tagid ka Linsay (I love you Linsay)

    October 13 at 4:48am  /