Headed To Shanghai!


When I wake up I’ll be in Shanghai. Wǎn’ān

xo L



  1. Irfan Nurahmed 

    Everytime you fly
    Awa-ay …

    Now we have almost the exact same jacket. I just got one just like that for Christmas. What the feet is going on?!

    Could it be, as they say in France … naah…could …. nah.

    January 4 at 6:58pm  / 
  2. Cameron Brown 

    What are you doing in China? That sounds exciting!! How do you know so many languages? <3

    January 4 at 7:11pm  / 
  3. Erykah Louise Mauricio Orendain 

    Hi gorgeous lindsay Please make me a fan sign . Im your number 1 fan from the Philippines.please please please.

    January 4 at 7:12pm  / 
  4. Irfan Nurahmed 

    Est-ce le sort, est-ce la vie ou est-ce la amour?

    I don’t speak French, but that means, “Is it fate, is it life or is it love?”

    January 4 at 7:18pm  / 
  5. Ana Luiza 

    ai, que amor! <3

    January 4 at 7:32pm  / 
  6. CS 

    OMG your eyes are so beautiful!! You’re gorgeous babe, enjoy Shanghai and make sure to give us a little hint about what you’re doing!! <3

    January 4 at 8:08pm  / 
  7. Nicole 

    so excited that you come to China!! love you so much !!!!

    January 4 at 8:53pm  / 
  8. Heather-Joan Carls 

    best of luck, dear! have a good stay! ツ

    January 4 at 10:18pm  / 
  9. Anitte1995 

    good night princess and enjoy it there <3

    January 4 at 11:35pm  / 
  10. Bami23 

    Aww you look so pretty in this pic. Enjoy Shanghai!

    January 5 at 5:16am  / 
  11. C Tina M Whalen 

    Well I hope u have lots of fun there. :)

    January 5 at 7:07am  / 
  12. sambo30 

    you are a great actress and a great woman, regardless of what anyone says, love your work!

    January 5 at 9:14pm  / 
  13. ehv2 

    it might be me, but girls,(women) look most beautiful when they are most natural, of course art ,the producing of art , when all the artists are generating energy is always fabulous , you are really a bright beautiful light right now…..proving to be what most of your fans thought you were what your family and real friends knew you were(hopefully,rightfully)and what the unwishful thinkers and haters cant help but see. Shes fiesty Shes beautiful, Shes talented, Shes smart, Shes strong,Shes all about love, Shes the real deal, Expect Gods favor XO Oh and Shes becoming a great leader EHV2

    January 6 at 3:09pm  / 
  14. Kallum Fry Brookes 

    I have a HUGE crush on you! You are the best. <3
    Eff all the haters, they wouldn't know talent, if it punched them in the face!

    January 6 at 5:08pm  / 

    Lindsay Have a safe trip ! Congrats on your Fashion Award !

    January 7 at 9:28am  / 
  16. notofinterest 

    Li Xiaomei

    January 8 at 2:16pm  /