so funny xx love this!



  1. poteetmims@aol.com 

    Sparkle Is amazing…this relentless fan deserves to meet the stars he loves…Brittany Spears. ..Lindsay lohan…#workssohard#wantstobeastar#ilovesparkle

    May 14 at 9:29am  / 
    • kleinmanvp 

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  2. PeytonPittman 

    LOLOL…That was the most entertaining 3 minutes of my day. Good find!

    May 15 at 11:08pm  / 
  3. PeytonPittman 

    I know that there is only the slightest chance that you will read this, but I’m not going to give up hope for it! I am reaching out to you to see if you could personally give me permission to use a photo of yours, on my soon-to-debut website. The picture that I am referring to is on your Twitter account from 6 December, of you meditating. To give you an idea of what it will be used for, I need a photo that encompasses a celebrity that I adore beyond words, while also encompassing the importance of meditation & all of the benefits that it brings. In the said website, I am covering a variety of different topics, but focusing mainly on changing negative views towards others, to positive views towards others & not casting judgment; more so just all human beings accepting all other human beings. One topic that I want to cover in depth is how media targets celebrities (some more than others.) Along with this topic, I want to cover how unreliable a “source” actually is, how the reporter is not the one that suffers from what they accuse a celebrity of, how coverage is nearly all negative now, etc. With all do respect, and I mean that literally, because I worship you & I am very thankful for the talent that you possess & share with the world! With that being said, you are falsely accused of SO much in the press, & that is something that I plan to put a stop to & make people reflect on how quick they have been to judge others (especially celebrities), with absolutely NO evidence or reason.
    Please do not misunderstand my intention with the said topic. I am confident in saying that you are the one that is 100% responsible for bettering your career & yourself, especially as of late. You are in the industry that you were born to be in, & you should be commended for all of the good that you have done in that industry. My intention is not to “alter your career,” my intention is to change the negative way that people think about SO many things; you just happen to be the person that I am very passionate about changing people’s opinions of. If you grant me permission to use the picture of you meditating by the pool, it will be 1 of the 5 pictures used in my website header, along with a selfie of me with Dave Grohl, a picture of Washington Square Park, a picture insinuating human equality, & a peace sign. The picture that you must grant approval for would display 3 things that I am very fond of (you, meditation, & positivity) & I would be forever thankful if you allowed me to use the photo. I send you an abundance of light, love, & support for the future, & I cannot thank you enough for sharing your passion & talent with the world!
    With much love,
    Peyton Pittman

    May 15 at 11:41pm  / 
    • lindsayxoxo 

      Hi Peton!

      Thanks for your kind words <3 <3

      xx L

      May 19 at 9:53pm  / 
  4. Eternal Rebel 

    hey I was just wondering….who reads ? like seriously nowadays its like ummm nope…my vm email plugged into tv box with dial knobs of stupid just didn’t get that memo didn’t read it L O L…but no SIRIUSLY

    May 18 at 9:03pm  / 
  5. Eternal Rebel 

    hmmmm now they post auto O K

    May 18 at 9:04pm  / 
  6. Eternal Rebel 

    so like….you has access to email for accounts ok so then no messing around….lets remove doubt and fear and ETC ETC ETC

    May 18 at 9:05pm  / 
  7. Eternal Rebel 

    I can sit with us ? hmmm ok but then its like well I don’t know his name or his face…BUT HE DOES HAS A POINT HUH ?

    May 18 at 9:05pm  / 
  8. Eternal Rebel 

    sooooo…..WINning….your face…when oprah said that…but not like that….enough said. whenever you wish to meet because the CRY BABY special short bus didn’t wanna . NEED I GO ON PUBLICLY ? I can BLOW THIS UP H U G E .

    May 18 at 9:10pm  / 
  9. Eternal Rebel 

    I am no one…yet anyone

    May 18 at 9:11pm  / 
  10. Eternal Rebel 

    you have my email….contact me If you wish. I would speak with you no doubts. NOT BECAUSE OF MONEY OR FAME OR ALL THE SHALLOW SUPERFICIAL CRAP IN THE WORLD .

    May 18 at 9:12pm  / 
  11. Eternal Rebel 

    if you take offense to my blatancy…well….I apologize but IT IS WHAT IT IS…I see in you often whether you believe it or not becoming tired of that….not having real….fun sure and im sure you have good friends…but many you know are completely superficial.

    May 18 at 9:15pm  / 
  12. Eternal Rebel 

    do not let those things wear upon your spirit and soul ….do not mask with fun….true fun is just that.

    May 18 at 9:17pm  / 
  13. Eternal Rebel 

    silly link review :P

    May 18 at 9:18pm  / 
  14. Eternal Rebel 

    but seriously….UGHHHHH….im just a dude….down to earth a kid at times….good clean fun etc. PERIOD . I just have …. well a lot of know how wisdom etc :( often get judged for being a “know it all” etc anywayssssss

    May 18 at 9:19pm  / 
  15. Eternal Rebel 

    contact me if you ever need an ear… ill truly listen and empathize . you have my email and now the meaning of my handle name. by gones be by gones…thank you for letting me know I am welcome to sit with you…ill stand regardless figuratively speaking as I must .

    May 18 at 9:21pm  / 
  16. Eternal Rebel 

    ughhhh DOUBT….let it go….like control when you have true fun.

    May 18 at 9:25pm  / 
  17. Eternal Rebel 

    I can imagine….what do I say ? hmmmm ummmm be in the moment….live in the now like dalai says whom I have spoken to….I am always in now with anyone when in conversation. I choose the NOW in those moments while most DO NOT …. and thus ruining it.

    May 18 at 9:26pm  / 
  18. Eternal Rebel 

    ok now my mind is in overdrive all prophet….ughhh….moments like time…where most do not just be therefore lying to themselves in mirrors of others around them getting lost
    AM .

    May 18 at 9:30pm  / 
  19. Eternal Rebel 

    call me…I mean say something.
    write or not
    ughhh I should shut up

    May 18 at 9:32pm  / 
  20. Eternal Rebel 

    omg…you didn’t fall on jimmy did you ?….calls 911

    May 18 at 9:36pm  / 
  21. Eternal Rebel 

    thank you…I didn’t know what selfie was….but I saw you use that word on a sunday and was like…..DEW WUT ?

    May 18 at 9:49pm  /