Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!

Lindsay turns 28 today!! Celebrate with 28 moments of our girl through the years! Send LL a b-day message on Twitter with the hashtag #HappyBirthdayLilo x TEAM LOHAN



  1. Anitte1995 


    July 2 at 11:42am  / 
  2. Leah Bristow 

    Happy Birthday ( little late) I hope you had a great and stress free day!

    July 2 at 10:57pm  / 
  3. Azucena N. 

    Hi Lindsay, H-bay, It´s my birthday too. I hope you had a happy and unforgettable day. :)

    July 2 at 11:41pm  / 
  4. mikey626 

    Happy birthday Lindsay u sexy thang. Mikey626

    July 3 at 3:37pm  / 
  5. Jack Guthrie 

    Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!!! Luv u!!!!!!

    July 3 at 3:40pm  / 
  6. ethelqhwva 

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    July 6 at 5:52pm  / 
  7. vaze7 

    Ms. Lohan I did not know where to write this message that is why I am writing this particular message on your website. I wrote the message on the Broadway World.com today 7/13/14 and I’m not sure you receive the message. I could have wrote it on twitter but I don’t want everybody viewing this message. The message is in response to your comment in the article which stated “I’m at a place in my life where I like the commitment.” My message to you is. Your at a place in life now where your rediscovering artistically your talents and skills. Those in your business over you always seen your talent and skills but unfortunately the timing was not right. God knows when its best and now things are connecting and they will continue to connect because your focusing from within to bring out the better self.

    July 13 at 10:15am  / 
  8. MrBarrio 

    Happy Birthday

    July 14 at 4:28pm  / 
  9. MrBarrio 

    I hope the years of being blessed only gets better for you amazingly talented beautiful in every way walking through this world as a diamond in the rough you are superb Lindsay. God bless you.

    July 14 at 4:31pm  / 
  10. MrBarrio 

    Oh also the Birthday thing is a blessing also as only blessings can be dished out & I pray uRs was/is/will be awesomely DREAMY ;)

    July 14 at 4:32pm  / 
  11. mrunknown 

    Yes, this is dr.unknown?. Before you freak, this isn’t a weird message but me telling lindsay i won’t write or bother her. Please do not post this and make sure she sees it. I’m glad that you are happy now in a place and people that you can trust. Also getting your career back on track. If you all think i’m crazy,delusional that is fine. You are supposed to think that way. I just have a feeling that is what Lindsay thinks, but even more troublesome, she may be misunderstanding my messages as being ‘threats’. They are not, but warnings of what others were planning on doing. I said before it’s best not to write to her. But now i Promise and give my Word i will not make ANY form of contact with her again in any way shape and form. I do keep my words and promises.



    July 16 at 8:47pm  / 
    • mrunknown 

      Will you please remove my comment above!!!!!!!!

      July 18 at 2:51pm  / 
  12. love_hearts 

    many Many HaPpY rEtUrNs oF tHe DaY…:)

    July 23 at 8:19pm  / 
  13. savenhero 

    My love, prayers, wishes are always with you, Wish you a very happy Birthday……
    this is Saven, more than my life i love you lindsay…..

    August 8 at 2:26am  / 
  14. guitarman 

    You are my Daughters age and I have a heart for you. Being a Dad I cared for your issues. But I see you are doing well and Im so happy for you. I’m very proud of you! I’m Looking forward to seeing you blossom and do what you love. Be happy, be healthy and love life!
    Also I heard you have acid reflux. I had it very very bad for over 35 years taking the purple pill! Then I decided to get more healthy and changed me eating. First gave up Milk. I noticed that I had no reflux. I Weened off that pill and the reflux has never returned. So milk was my issue. Now no pill.
    Maybe you are consuming something that is causing your reflux. Experiment and get off that purple pill if you can!

    August 21 at 7:22pm  / 
  15. ashley 

    love ya linds

    August 27 at 3:37pm  / 
  16. jibran shah 


    September 4 at 11:40pm  /