Global Citizen Festival 2013

Lindsay Lohan - Stevie Wonder

On Saturday, backstage with Stevie Wonder!




  1. Cameron MacDonald 

    I love you beautiful <3 xo

    September 30 at 4:13pm  / 
  2. marcus.j.ward 

    Hey what is up im marcus . :p

    September 30 at 4:24pm  / 
  3. Nancy Susana Lohan Volkova 

    Nice pic Lindsay!!

    September 30 at 5:18pm  / 
  4. Bami23 

    Cool, he’s a living legend! You look great.

    September 30 at 5:32pm  / 
  5. Gary Lyons 

    ..THAT is so cool…a living legend…absolutely..

    September 30 at 5:36pm  / 
  6. Irfan Nurahmed 


    September 30 at 6:19pm  / 
  7. BonShugga 

    Awesome! So cool!

    September 30 at 8:06pm  / 
  8. Miaa 

    When will you have your own career back Lindsay?? Can’t wait!!! xoxoxox!!!!!

    September 30 at 8:51pm  / 
  9. Miaa 

    Luv how you are always hanging around famous people. WOW!!!

    September 30 at 8:52pm  / 
  10. Sila Akhter 

    good look lohan

    September 30 at 10:52pm  / 
  11. Juan Carlo Navarro 

    You look so pretty Lindsay! I’m happy you had a chance to take a pic with Mr. Stevie Wonder. I’m looking forward to you future projects. Hopefully a movie where I can take my whole family. Or an Oscar-winning role so that you will be able to achieve one of your biggest dreams: To win an Oscar. I ‘m happy for you. Keep being healthy. Love you lots.

    October 1 at 12:33am  / 
    • Juan Carlo Navarro 

      I mean “Love you a lot”

      October 1 at 12:34am  / 
  12. Aless Gibaja 


    October 1 at 8:44am  / 
  13. ehv2 

    I figue two to four years of new movies and television(limited) roles perhaps a super select commercial or two, of xourse any and all your modeling, both stills and videos, a good natured charity, of which your past is finally closed, when you help other girls avoid bumps you encounterd, and then your buisness interest spotlighted briefly, then , if you find your soul mate , maybe a long engagement followed by wedding followed by big new movie, followed by …………..Ms. Lohan BRAVO, You are an original true American Girl, one our Nation your Friends Fans and Family can be proud of,… to me,youll always be a Herbie Girl and Americas Sweetheart and maybe someday, a friend of mine and an Oscar nominee……happy trails, God bless Heres to fresh pasta and full pints………….and beaches and mountains.and .dogs and cats and horses and grandpas and grandmas

    October 1 at 2:19pm  / 
  14. court 

    Wow that’s so cool thank you

    October 1 at 4:49pm  / 
  15. marry me lindsay 

    my goshhhhhhhhhhh……i love u lilo,,,,

    October 1 at 6:30pm  /