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Linsday Lohan- Oprahinterview

Lindsay’s highly-anticipated interview with Oprah airs tonight at 9/8c on OWN. Are you tuning in?

In celebration of this special event, we’re asking YOU to show us your “next chapter”! Use the hashtag #lindsaysnextchapter and tag us on Instagram and Twitter. What’s next for you: Will you be taking a trip soon, spending more time with family, connecting with nature, making a career move, maybe giving up smoking? We want to know. Lindsay will share her favorites this upcoming week.




  1. Anitte1995 

    Can´t wait to see it!
    I look forward to what will happen next!!!
    I really love Linds, I really love this website:)

    August 18 at 11:07am  / 
  2. Miaa 

    I am trying to give up both smoking and 8 Balls. I hope the Goddess Lindsay can share her tips in how to do this!!!!!!!!!!!

    August 18 at 11:08am  / 
    • I Love Lindsay 

      Share her tips? Uh no, Lindsay won’t be able to help you. She doesn’t smoke and she certainly doesn’t play pool. Perhaps when Oprah interviews Jennifer Lawrence, you might seek the answers to your problems at that time.

      August 18 at 2:40pm  / 
    • Miaa 

      Mentioning JL makes me sad ….):

      All of the roles she got belong to LINDSAY!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!

      August 18 at 3:53pm  / 
  3. LindsayIsBack. . .ToShartingHerself 


    August 18 at 11:32am  / 
    • Seamus O'Brien 

      All things healthy-that’s Lindsay.

      August 18 at 2:36pm  / 
    • alexspears 

      Get a life and leave Lindsay alone. My god, her haters are so pressed about her. They’re like obsessed.

      August 18 at 3:03pm  / 
      • diedra55 

        I agree, Alexspears, Lindsay fielded Oprah’s questions like a true champion, now leave her alone.

        August 18 at 8:11pm
  4. Brian LILO 

    I can’t wait to see this it’s going to be EPIC.

    August 18 at 12:01pm  / 
  5. Miaa 

    WOW!!!! #lindsaysnextchapter I am dealing with a mom who is a heavy heavy drinker. Dad too. And they fight a lot. And put me in the middle. Sometimes I think about cuts. But Lindsay I hope has lots of tips and pointers. AWESOME!!!! (:

    August 18 at 1:03pm  / 
  6. Angie Diaz 

    I can’t wait to see to Lindsay, I know that she has a new direction in her life and that God is with she.

    August 18 at 1:05pm  / 
  7. Mumra 

    I’d love to, but I have an actual life. If I need to, I can watch any number of old clips on YouTube where Miss Lohan says she has finally cleaned up her act.

    August 18 at 1:20pm  / 
  8. Mumra 

    When I think of Lindsay, I think of openness and honesty. Oprah is lucky to have someone as upfront and truthful as Lindsay Lohan as a guest.
    BTW, he eight episode reality show will be a true tour de force of openness, honesty, and modesty.

    August 18 at 1:24pm  / 
  9. Seamus O'Brien 

    I can’t believe there is a site devoted to all things Lindsay!! This fabulous.

    August 18 at 2:30pm  / 
  10. MiasAuntisevil 

    Wow, Lindsay cares about MY next chapter. I have tried to live a good live treating others the way I want to be treated you know. I have not done illegal drugs, and My drinking has just been sporadic like at weddings or ONE at a party. I have NEVER had a traffic ticket or appeared in court for anything. I have no record which I know makes God happy. I just want to continue living my life as an honest, hard working, tax paying American and I know Lindsay supports me in this!!!! Thanks Lindsay for asking.

    August 18 at 2:32pm  / 
  11. Seamus O'Brien 


    August 18 at 2:49pm  / 
    • Miaa 

      AWESOME!!!! EPIC!!!!! NIBBLE!!!!!!!!!! LINDSEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

      August 18 at 3:50pm  / 
  12. alexspears 

    I was bullied on the school and stuff and it was really sad for me, and Lindsay and her movies and music helped me so much trough the years and thats why I love her and i still support her no matter what. You can do it Lilo, we believe in you.

    August 18 at 3:05pm  / 
  13. I Love Lindsay 

    The world is Lindsay’s clam, and she’s gonna slam the doubters over and over and over again, and prove them wrong.

    August 18 at 5:06pm  / 
  14. llfan 

    love you 22 more mins!

    August 18 at 5:37pm  / 
  15. smithjennie74 

    My dear, I’m watching the interview right now. I’m proud of you. you can do this. You can overcome and stay the course. One day at time. One HOUR at a time when necessary. Yes you can, you are NOT alone.

    August 18 at 6:30pm  / 
  16. Lilos 1 fan lol 

    Smells like rose

    August 18 at 7:17pm  / 
  17. Bárbara Casandra Begariee 


    August 18 at 7:29pm  / 
  18. Helen 

    My #lindsaysnextchapter – x

    August 18 at 7:42pm  / 
  19. Caterina Echeverria 

    I think it was amazing, she was honest and open. Now, I can really see the full change, It’s amazing to see Lindsay like this, happy and healthy and ready to work more and more, and willing to show everyone how talented she is, she deservs to be back on the top again, she’s ready to change all this misconceptions people say about her.

    August 18 at 7:46pm  / 
  20. diedra55 

    Lindsay, I have been listening to Oprah quiz you about your parents and I’m so proud of you for not blaming them or anyone else for your problems. You go girl, you did an awesome interview. Hang in there, you’ll come through a survivor!!!!!

    August 18 at 7:50pm  / 
  21. Jose Javier Tavarez 

    Love you!!!!

    August 18 at 7:59pm  / 
  22. Luis Alfonso Perez 

    it’s not easy to open yourself up like that to the entire world esp when you know some sad people are just waiting to tear u down again. she was open and honest and admitted to being an addict, i’m proud of her ✌

    August 18 at 9:15pm  / 
  23. Jason Rowe 

    well i’m getting ready to take a trip to see my biological mom and meet my brother for the first time.from my understanding he hasn’t seen me since i was 2yrs old so i don’t remember him so this is going to be my first time meeting him and i’m 38 yrs old.

    August 18 at 9:36pm  / 
  24. Ana Luiza 

    I don’t even know if read these comments here but:

    Honest interview. You had a hard life but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna get better. It’s getting better already. As you said, one step at a time. The beggining will be hard, but you will get used to focus on the life you truly want, it’s a matter of time. Your family supports you, you have an incredible fanbase (well, at least you know Brazil loves you, right?) and you have people that would do anything to see you happy and you dont even know them, or dont know they would do that. You have an amazing journey to come, you talked about spirituality so you must feel that. Just try to keep it to yourself, dont tell everyone everything you feel for a while, till you get back on track again.
    I believe in you.
    Keep strong.
    Love you, always will.

    And by the way, I’ll tell my history on #LindsaysNextChapter. :D

    August 18 at 9:47pm  / 
  25. Terra Chaney 

    I’ve watched it twice tonight, and i am so very proud of u lindsay! I kno How hard it is to say and admit that u are an addict, i Still hve trouble saying it aloud after 4yrs, so for u to sit there on national tv n say it, Wow! I’m very proud of u! U are an inspiration!! I Wish god would of merged our paths back then, bc i would of loved to try to be there for u to try to help u make better choices then, but then again everything happens for a reason, and u are doing wht u shld b doing, u are learning frm it n thts all u can ask for is to learn n grow frm ech experience! So I’m HAPPY u are doing so, and soo HAPPY ur finding ur spirituality in the process! God bless ur Beaut
    iful soul!! And u not letting any of this take ur spirit is Amazing! God bless u Lindsay! Plz plz feel free to ever message me n i wld tlk to u anytime, I’ve been there done tht, and it would never go any farther thn me or u can sue me k..I’m the one all my family n friends confide in and wld love to do so for u if u wld ever need an outside honest opinion or just someone to tlk. Ur a very brave n wonderful soul, dnt let Anything or Anyone ever make u feel otherwise!

    t frm u

    August 18 at 10:14pm  / 
  26. Terra Chaney 

    #lindsaysnextchapter I dnt hve an instagram or twitter account or i would do the nxt chapter on there. So my next chapter is finally getting my own place and taking care of my Beautiful 10 month old Kerra, and keep tryn to save $ to try to get a new Gorgeous smile tht i can feel proud of n feel Like I’m Beautiful for my daughter so she’s not embarrased of me.

    August 18 at 10:30pm  / 
  27. Ayat 

    awesome!!!!! o love Lindsay Lohan straight from my childhood…throughout my teenage years and even now….she is gifted actress..and im glad she is back. she will be on right track staying strong and going forward.
    Best Of Luck to You, LL.

    August 18 at 10:51pm  / 
  28. Paul Echin 

    the way to recovery is forgiving yourself first, I knew because I was there before.. may God be with you Ms. Lohan

    August 19 at 12:46am  / 
  29. Paul Echin 

    the way to recovery is forgiving yourself first ,…and then forgive others then let go…. may God be with you Ms. Lohan..

    August 19 at 12:48am  / 
  30. merychen 

    I wish you all the best in leading a drug and alcohol free life! Addiction is a terrible disease. I work for the International Blue Cross and we care for people all over the world and try to help them overcome addiction and get them back on their feet. Check out our website: and please contact me if you can support this major health concern that affects us all!! (

    August 19 at 2:12am  / 
  31. MsC 

    Keep moving forward. Everyday that you are bless to awake, you have another chance to get it right. God Bless You!!

    August 19 at 4:48am  / 
  32. Vmaskill 

    One day at a time! Stay present girl! Would so love to see you do well. You and all you talent

    August 19 at 5:52am  / 
  33. bobrads 

    Lindsay…You are a real talent…an accomplished actress, and you are going to be fine. Keep up the good work…hang in there. I wish you all the best in your future…Bob

    August 19 at 5:53am  / 
  34. marcydolly 

    have great ideas about a book. could be a real inspirational movie.

    August 19 at 6:08am  / 
  35. wichitaXI 

    Oh lindsay! You have inspired me since I was a little girl, I soo proud of you Lindsay! Really thre’s no enought words that can explain how much I admire you And how important are you for me! You are my guiding light! Love you soooooo much Lindsay! God bless you And you Amazing family always! <3. You are my greatest inspiration in my next chapter! Become a Doctor!!! :)

    August 19 at 6:12am  / 
  36. cinderella 

    It was really great to see you looking at life with a more mature and healthy perspective. I am so very happy that you have survived thus far despite your past transgressions. I tell my children that every moment is an opportunity to do better. One day at a time, one moment at a time sometimes is all it takes. I have been clean and sober many years now and even though it seems like a lifetime ago that I lived that crazy chaos, I know deep down that I am just one joint or one drink away from it again. Life will get easier, sobriety will come naturally now that you have embraced your truth. Stay on that red road of life and if you do trip or fall once in a while just pick yourself up and dust off and keep moving ahead my girl to the next wonderful adventure.

    August 19 at 6:53am  / 
  37. Juan Carlo Navarro 


    August 19 at 6:59am  / 
  38. terramedia 

    Happy that Lindsay has realized that she can make choices in her best interest; bold remark about wanting to spend time in “jail” to get away from the frenzy may be a good indicator. Prayerfully, she will take a close look at the word “circumstance”.
    The first part of the word informs you that there will always be things, issues and people surrounding you. The second part tells you that regardless of what is going on you have to stand somewhere, better yet, take a stand somewhere. Even though we will all have circumstances, human beings are able to let the circumatances “stand” while they become detached and spend time looking at their situation from a distance; even walking around the “circum”ference and deciding for themselves what they can aceept or reject in their lives. There are too many voices with agendas alreadt drawn up, prepared to make those choices for us – choices that are not theirs to make or influence. Lindsay can prosper and will if she continues to see herself as a sanction being who has authority to regard or disregard,the issues, people and things that relate to her life.

    August 19 at 7:07am  / 
  39. Dontrock Thejukebox 

    I had a crush on you back in the day. I follow your recovery as I am on my own path to recovery also. I have a problem with alcohol and uppers. I’m glad to hear you are doing way better. You look great too. My best advice stay clean for you not other people, other people can let you down but will you let yourself down.

    August 19 at 7:53am  / 
  40. so_proud_of_you2013 

    Watched you with Oprah last night and it was wonderful. You now understand at a young age, what I didn’t figure out completely till I was in my 50’s and what many people never learn. That is: that you have to face the problems and weaknesses in your life in order to overcome them. I know so many people twice your age who are in complete denial. They’ve suffered divorces, caused incredible family drama and in some cases they’ve died. I’m thrilled for you Lindsay! You are one of the most talented people I’ve seen in years and I look forward to watching you shine. Way to go sweet girl—please continue to glow like you did last night. I came from a chaotic home too. Don’t let the ‘haters’ get you down, they usually thrive on chaos and drama and can’t help their own ignorance. Love you Lindsay, be well.

    August 19 at 8:08am  / 
  41. Miaa 

    I want to look and feel better. Please Lindsay, share your tricks of acting and looking so EPIC and nibbable!! 3littlestars everywhere LUV only YOU!!!! xoxoxo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    August 19 at 8:30am  / 
  42. Rhonda Arnsby 

    Lindsey, I have been in your shoes before and I started a wellness center to help people heal addictions naturally because of that very issue. It is important to get a handle on building up your brain neurotransmitters through food and diet. If you want peace and privacy, I offer you a complementary stay at my wellness center on a pristine lake where you can bike, hike, and kayak while getting physically, emotionally, and spiritually fit. It took a lot of courage to do that interview with Oprah. Bravo! Best of luck on your healing journey.

    August 19 at 9:24am  / 
  43. kate 


    August 19 at 1:08pm  / 
  44. Bruna Fernandes 

    Hi Lindsay, I’m sorry if you can not my words, it is because I am Brazilian. Lilo, I would like your help, I know how to get me to stop automutilar, awaiting response. I wish all the best to you, new work, health and success. I’m a big fan of yours, I love you <3

    August 19 at 2:20pm  / 
  45. Danasmak 

    Lilo, I love you so muchh, probably as much as your friends and family do. You’re just a gift from god to me, you’re a blessing on this planet. I love you wherever you’re, rehab, prison, or wherever. It’s like I know you. Because I feel like I do know you, I understand why you do what you do, I am like a mini you, in my attitude, the way I treat people, the way I deal with people when they bother me, the way I deal with life, with my emotions, my thoughts, it’s like you’re an older version of me. I feel your happiness and your grief, I got all emotional when you spoke to Oprah, it’s like we’re the same individual. Again, I love you too much and I like it that way. Love, your soulmate, Dana xx

    August 19 at 3:05pm  / 
  46. Cchanel 

    Lindsay. Your so amazing!!! Im a recovering addict and have been so er for 17 months now and just wanna say how proud i am of you!! Im behind you 100% Im rooting for you!!! Your answers on your interview were out of this world and i hope the best for you!!!

    August 19 at 9:28pm  / 
  47. klo426 

    After several treatments, legal issues, job losses… I finally got clean in 2008 and stayed clean in 2009. Got a humble job, started school again, moved out- all babysteps… eventually got a whole new career and degree in nursing. 5 years after going to treatment, just having turned 30, I got my dream, dream, dream job at a Children’s Hospital in the area- saving babies now :). Recovery is magic. You’ll see. Beyond your wildest dreams is true. Next for me is paying attention to my creative side and getting a band going. Probably going back to getting my master’s in nursing, too. You’ve got this. It’s so beautiful on the other side. Good luck!

    August 19 at 10:03pm  / 
  48. archie3212 

    I’ve always said she deserves a second chance.
    I think she’s gonna totally change her career around.
    Good for her to come clean and admit her faults.
    Well done Lindsay .

    August 20 at 3:01pm  / 
  49. Rubén Fernández Vela 

    Just one word: CONGRATS. U r an inspirational real woman. I really wish u all the luck because U r an amazing actress, singer and person.
    From Spain, my best

    August 21 at 3:40am  / 
  50. Alex Forslund 

    I cannot imagine growing up and going through what you went through in such a public way. Being a young person and realizing a life-threatening, chronic illness is not easy. I used to think, “I am still young- only a kid… can’t I wait a few years til I get serious?”. Obviously, I happen to be amongst the young-and-sober group as well. After 5 years of struggling myself, I finally have some real sober time under my belt at the age of 26. While the “pink cloud” goes away after a couple months I implore u to keep trying to the best of your ability. You are not alone in your struggles and should never be ashamed of your past- if anything, I hope you feel empowered for facing your problems unlike so many celebrities. You are a true talent and have the capability to be a huge positive influence for so many young people dealing with addiction. No matter what happens, you’ll have fans who understand a stumble here and there. Remeber, YOU are truly the only one who matters in your sobriety. Good luck to you! I know you can do it!

    August 21 at 9:46am  / 
  51. KittyKat92 

    I am so glad to see you back and know that your journey has been rough. I have been a fan since I was very very young and you were my biggest role model. Well you are still my role model for putting it all out there and being open and honest and for admitting you past mistakes. Can’t wait to see what you do next you are such an amazing actor.

    Love Cat

    August 21 at 8:53pm  / 
  52. oregonbikerchick 

    I NEVER watch OWN but for the Lance Armstrong interview (since I’m a cycling junkie) and happened to stumble and lock into it for your interview. Your story is no more or less that one of an average young individual finding their way through life. Difference was, yours was amplified due to your life in the public eye.I’m not a follower of you but even I would hear about the latest Lindsay fuck ups over the morning radio show on my way into work. Shit, I have had my fair share of fuck ups, experimented with almost every drug on the planet and I came back, through therapy and surrounding myself with REAL friends. I came back b/c those who really cared, took me back over and over again and never gave up on me and you can also. Live in the moment, let crap flow over you like you would the water in a river flowing over you, make yourself vulnerable to telling your story and letting people in and you will make just like I did. I’m in your corner Chica and hope for all the best for you. It won’t be an easy journey but it will be one that makes you stronger and wiser. As I live by these words by Maya Angelou that I have tattooed inside my left forearem: “I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.”
    All my best to you, Natalie

    August 23 at 2:22pm  / 
  53. LiLover2003 

    I’m so happy 2 see, how happy & healthy Linds is. It meens the world 2 me. I didn’t had such a good youth/life .. Actually not at all & 2 be honest, sometimes I’m kinda losing myself.. But it’s getting better now. I’m a LiLover for 10 years now.. And I’m still proud of it. So thnQ Lindsay for just being the amazing you.
    You & Lady Gaga means everything!
    Ps: Don’t listen 2 the haters, they don’t know anything about you ;-)

    You’re amazing! & keep going like you’re doing right now & kick some ass girl! We’re always with you!
    LoveYou xoxo Shana

    August 26 at 10:11am  / 
  54. ilovelindsey 

    Lindsey, I hope you realize how wonderful you have been to your fans. You ser we are all still here, right? We never left. We were by your side in spirit no matter what haters said.

    You are back.

    We got your back.

    Don’t look back.

    You help us all look forward!

    September 27 at 12:52am  / 
  55. ceauxceaux 

    Not to much to say just thank you for being yourself. We all have our problems. That is what sets you off better than a lot of those fake bitches. Just do you and keep being you. Celebrity are not you are real person with issues hell who don’t. Well enough said I hope you find what you looking for. Hope you happy. Coonass state Louisiana loves ya..

    October 1 at 7:35am  / 
  56. Frank L. Jimmy–Jimmy

    Can go to my Fb? Please?

    December 29 at 12:43pm  / 
  57. DjChris Hena J 

    Lindsay thank u so much for being such a wonderful person everyday im proud Of you more and more because u fight so hard to make your dreams come true you should have clear that you deserve everything you want In this life because you are also a good woman from inside and outside :) Im one Of the most craziest fan you ever have but My love and respect for you are honest im so happy that you are back working so hard and also congratulations for oprah OWN series everytime i watch this episoides i have very clear how difficult your life has being but you are strong and dedicated, this world needs Lindsay Lohan to make it famous and perfect I want to thank u for all this years of work, parent trap, full size, bobby, herbie full loaded, freaky friday, mean girls, confessions Of a teenage drama, i know who killed me, scary movie, ThE canyons liz and dick, just my luck , your work makes you different you have a special magic for ThE movies, and ofcourse i cant forget ThE 2 albums you récord with universal music speak, and a little more personal since those days you changed My life completly :) and ofocurse you stole My heart toó im so happy to be your fan i admire you so much and i want you to know that i will always support you and believe In your word you are always good and sweet to your fans yesterday i just saw letterman show where you wear a piano black dress and you dont have a little idea Of how happy you made me because you didnt stop laughing and smiling you look so great never let anybody stole that hapiness from you doll you are wonderful, amazing, awesome, súper atar perfect send you all my pure and honest love to you

    April 10 at 12:01pm  /