Fan Love in the Desert

Lindsay Lohan Coachella

some of you spotted me in the desert.

hope you all had so much fun xx



  1. DjChris Hena J 

    I know it was great to see u there and safe you are so wonderful i love u with all My heart god bless u

    April 15 at 7:24pm  / 
  2. Anitte1995 

    I so much envy:)

    April 15 at 10:18pm  / 
  3. RachelMiner 

    I love the look you picked! Would be so fun to have a closet like yours. Trying to mimic it on a low budget….not so easy, but, with your inspiration I can try! H&M here I come…haha.

    April 15 at 11:04pm  / 
  4. Henry Medina 


    April 16 at 12:27pm  / 
  5. Cameron MacDonald 

    i wish i could have gone, and spotted you! hope you had fun, love you lindsay xxxx

    April 16 at 3:10pm  / 
  6. vaze7 

    I downloaded and watched your movie “I know who killed me” I never focused on a certain part of this movie until now; what truly caught my attention was the ending; it focused on the resurrection. I am a Big Fan of the Resurrection because of Luke 24: 1-8. This movie touches me deeply because a friend of my family was brutally killed in a similar way; her name was Ms. Null she was 36 her tragic story could be found in the Pennsylvania news papers 2008; her body parts was found in 8 trash bags along interstate 80 and 380 within the Pocono Mountain area of Pennsylvania. Thanks to Excellent Police Work they caught this crazy person. Ms. Lohan you played this movie; the acting was great. I hope that you continue acting but also Directing and Producing because I notice in your movies that you touch on the every day experience of people and me being the public like to see that. You have a Gift.

    April 17 at 9:24am  / 
  7. Lindsayfans 

    I want to meet you! Haha but I live on the other side of the world!

    April 18 at 2:18pm  / 
  8. Joshua John Hokum 

    im like so jealous of them, its my dream to meet you. biggest lilo fan!

    April 19 at 2:56am  / 
  9. Kcc Sunil 

    i am sunil kcc of them,it’s my dream to meet you. biggest fan your , god just one time

    April 26 at 7:17pm  / 
  10. Kcc Sunil 

    jesus help us my dear lindsay lohan

    April 26 at 7:17pm  /