Excited for the show



Thrilled to be a part of this production…if you’re not familiar here’s more info

Ps. @madonna portrayed the same character I’m portraying in 1988.

<3<3 LL




  1. jae 

    Awesome. Ill b tuning in for sure. I cant figure out how to upload a pic on here. Im on fb @ jae wheeler. Hmu off record ;)

    June 26 at 4:14pm  / 
  2. Lindsay Lohan ITALY 

    I can’t be prouder of you

    June 26 at 4:16pm  / 
  3. Narcissus Bellicose 

    Is this playing in NYC? I assume so. Let me know when I can get tix.

    June 26 at 4:39pm  / 
  4. Isabelle Mikalsen Mathisen 

    If you ever need a personal makeup artist in London I am yours.
    ( isabellemathisen@gmail,com)
    I have worked as a freelance makeup artist for years. I love your style and look.

    Isabelle Mathisen

    June 26 at 4:53pm  / 
  5. Anitte1995 

    I will be there 11th October <3 Cant wait to see you!!!!

    June 26 at 10:18pm  / 
  6. reefer rob 

    Love ya lin great to be in ltaly keep it going strong

    June 27 at 9:27am  / 
  7. PeytonPittman 

    Congrats, Lindsay! You’re going to be a Broadway smash, no doubt!

    June 27 at 4:51pm  / 
  8. Bami23 

    Congratulations! Relocating to London…. it might be your best decision ever. London’s West End is the home to some of the best theatre in the world. So happy for and proud of you for taking this big step in your life.

    June 29 at 4:10pm  / 
  9. MrBarrio 

    Awesome. I want to see it!

    July 1 at 12:44am  / 
  10. imsnerruc 

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    July 1 at 8:20am  / 
  11. Jack Guthrie 

    Lindsay I am so excited for this. ur gonna do great. don’t worry about the hype cuz you’re gonna blow it out of the park. I’m so proud of you. Keep up the great work. Think of it as 2 BROKE GIRLS minus the cameras. you’ll rock it. good luck. Luv u Lindsay!

    July 3 at 3:42pm  / 
  12. ehv2 

    have fun, break a leg,
    still suprising , and taking professional chances, you just keep getting better…..nice pic by the way miss U to XO9

    July 3 at 10:51pm  / 
  13. ehv2 

    PS I did not know this play is in London—but no matter-still a great decision–be careful to remember your roots–that is if your staying out of country for a time—no bad press from Europe—work—keep looking for movie role—–so close

    July 4 at 9:45pm  / 
  14. Kelvin Jay Loner 

    Speed the amphetamine would be way better. Or blow the lines but this works. Right I’m sober too so I shouldn’t promote that. You’ll crush it the role that is, I’m sure.

    September 3 at 6:33am  / 
  15. etvb 

    You and Madge are my fave celebrities!! Would have loved to watched madge,hopefully I can see you!! #Noregrets :)

    September 17 at 10:43am  /