Empress Has No Clothes!


So excited for Coachella. Going through my closet and trying to figure out what to wear this year! LOL. I don’t know guys, what do you think? Which look do you love the most that I’ve worn from the last few years. XOXO L

See ya in Indio :)



  1. Lindsay Lohan Greece 

    all of your styles ae amazing but the last one is AMAZING!!Love you!! xx

    April 7 at 11:37am  / 
  2. aquilar17 

    I think a combination of all four styles in one outfit. The bandeau, with the blue scarf, mint handbag, aviators, overalls and maybe a blazer. Something like that would be cool, but you’ll look hot in just about anything. ;)

    April 7 at 11:47am  / 
  3. Anitte1995 

    ur style is really amazing, i love all your outfits, but denim shorts would be great, or ur thigh-high leather jeans <3

    April 7 at 11:52am  / 
  4. Juan Eduardo Alvear 

    You are a true natural beauty. I love when you are natural. Your eyes, mouth, the gorgeous color of your skin and freckles. The oval of your face is so perfect. Your laughter, your voice, your personality, and when you when to Letterman you were stoning. The beautiful white and red dress…

    I can never get enough of you… you are adorable to watch and listen to. I’m in love with your natural beauty.

    Lindsay, are you really that awesome? I find it hard to believe you are such a dream of a woman. I’m just happy to know you are.

    An admirer and just a fan,
    Juan Eduardo

    April 7 at 1:20pm  / 
  5. Consuelo Motta 

    With the hat… definitely :)

    April 8 at 6:15am  / 
  6. vaze7 

    All the pictures are nice but I like the 2nd picture from the right because of the spring look about it.

    April 8 at 6:55pm  / 
  7. Roberto de la Cruz 

    Love you in shiny leggings and shiny top_love all of youxxxxxoooo

    April 9 at 6:46am  / 
  8. Miguel Grisanti 

    That white dress though!

    April 9 at 9:29pm  / 
  9. bijandanesh 

    No cool men’s clothes huh? Ah I just had an interesting thought that may be relevant – well to all of us… stay humble… stay low… li-lo! Ok ok I know… anyway, stay calm :)

    April 15 at 1:21pm  / 
  10. jonathanisrad 

    The third picture over with the dress and Ray Ban’s is one of my favorite outfits you have ever worn! You looked radiant!

    April 15 at 9:36pm  / 
  11. RachelMiner 

    I like them all because I think you have a great sense of style, but, if I had to pick one it would be the first one!
    You have become an inspiration to me…I can relate. Your candid show on OWN and ability to do even the little things for yourself while dealing with the eye of the public amazes me. You are so strong and brave!!
    And – I hope you are enjoying Coachella!!

    April 15 at 10:45pm  / 
  12. ConnorSinclair 

    Okay I know this is late lol, but I am in love with the crochet dress. So adorable! Sending light and love you bunches ☀️

    April 17 at 6:44am  /