Behind The Scenes: Chelsea Lately

From the Lohan Green Room… you can never have too many shoe options x TEAM LOHAN



  1. MiasAuntisevil 

    Lindsay it’s great to love shoes and clothes but I’m here to discuss a video with pictures of you in it. Before you were released from rehab your fan club, Littlestars, with your main fan, Nicole, started promoting a video called freckledfreedom. They sent the web address everywhere. Well that video is horrendous. Pictures of you are interspersed with pictures of the terrorists flying planes into the Twin Towers. The point is that your forced rehab stay was as big a travesty as those planes flying into the Towers killing 3000 people. It opened wounds that are still so tender. So many of us have tried to get it removed but until YOU protest I don’t think it will happen. Radar Online even did a thread on this because of our protests. Your fan club nor head fan Nicole has not one time protested the content of this video. If they represent your fans that is sickening. Please deal with this matter promptly.

    August 15 at 8:53pm  / 
    • ilovelana 

      Get a life.

      August 15 at 9:48pm  / 
    • MiasAuntisevil 

      Just because you don’t care about those killed on 9/11 and the thousands of soldiers killed since then defending Americans’ freedoms, some of us do. And I do not believe Lindsay would want her name used in this way. I’m not saying for you not to enjoy your shoes but this is important. Lindsay’s own fan club participated in this. And you can tell ME to get a life ilovelana…yea right.

      August 16 at 3:28pm  / 
    • Miaa 

      I saw that too and it made me sad. Lindsay should demand that it be removed from YouTube.

      August 17 at 1:24pm  / 
    • MiasAuntisevil 

      Thanks for your support Miaa. All of us who care about the murders committed in 9/11 want that video taken down.

      August 18 at 1:45pm  / 
  2. ilovelana 

    Love the black and gold heels.

    August 15 at 9:48pm  / 
  3. betheos 

    Lindsay you are the best c:

    August 15 at 10:56pm  / 
  4. apple 

    Love your shoes Lindsay.

    August 16 at 10:26pm  / 
  5. Miaa 

    Love your smell Lindsay.

    August 18 at 9:53am  /