Art Basel 2013

Lindsay-Lohan-Art-Basel Lindsay-Lohan-Kanye-West-Kim-Kardashian

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    Lindsay be Proud of yourself you look so Good ! Please consider bringing your hair back to red . Blonde is just common and you are so far from that . You stand out as your natural self . Hope you are having a good time . You really deserve to ! xo

    December 5 at 10:59am  / 
  2. Anitte1995 

    have fun in miami, babe:)

    December 5 at 11:04am  / 
  3. Bami23 

    Looking fabulous!

    December 5 at 2:06pm  / 
  4. Nathália Luiza 

    beautiful!! truly diva!

    December 5 at 4:37pm  / 
  5. vaze7 

    Nice Picture

    December 5 at 4:39pm  / 
  6. Jack Guthrie 

    You look beautiful. Just be careful OK. Love you girl!

    December 6 at 3:40pm  / 
  7. Jack Guthrie 

    I just bought your movie THE CANYONS and I thought your were great in it. Can’t wait for your next acting job. Luv ya.

    December 6 at 3:42pm  / 
  8. Ali Rox 

    I would’ve loved to have checked out PAMM over drinx with you at Art Basel, Lindsay!. Unfortunately, I missed it this year.

    Next year….

    December 11 at 12:07pm  /