2-HOUR Finale This Sunday

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lilovers, watch the 2-hour finale of #LindsayOnOWN this Sunday 9/8c.




  1. Lindsayfans 

    is finished?Noo :(

    April 18 at 3:28pm  / 
  2. Cattalac 

    I hope this message finds you. I couldn’t wait until your docu-series aired because I have always been a big fan of your career, more recently I find you to be a huge inspiration. I wanted to see the success story mostly because I can really relate to your story. I am in early sobriety, obviously it was sad watching your addiction unfold so publicly and I couldn’t imagine being in your shoes considering the ones I am in. I have 60 days sober and this isn’t the first time I have tried to get clean. Watching your story unfold behind the scenes of all the scandalous stories the press tries to create, your series is so raw and I could relate A LOT to the feelings you were having. You have to make a choice everyday to keep staying sober and its fucking hard and it sucks sometimes but its worth it. So I have really been struggling and the other day I had a horrible day I really wanted to drink and I happened to turn on the t.v. and I watched you on Watch what happens live and something you said really hit me and made me want to write you and thank you honestly because I think it kept me sober the other night. A caller asked you what makes you want to keep staying sober and you said something along the lines of happiness and to have an awareness of what was going on around you. In the last 60 days I have had a lot of ah-ha kind of moments I am sure you could relate. When you said that I was like wow, the last 2 months have been really hard there has been many days where I wanted to get loaded a lot more then I wanted to stay clean but I have been holding on because I want to find exactly that, happiness. I also want to have an awareness of what’s going on around me I want to look back at this Easter and be like yeah I was present not just in the physical sense but I knew what happened and I didn’t ruin it for everyone because they were worried about me or I fell asleep or I was belligerent and started a fight. I am searching for a happiness I have literally never have found in a bottle or in a drug I have been searching for a peace and love for myself that I thought I found in drugs and booze and I didn’t. I know 60 days isn’t a ton of time but it is to me. I thought you would like to know that watching your series has helped me because even someone like you who is super famous, drop dead gorgeous, rich the whole nine yards, you very publically struggled and now your coming back like fuck all of you I am going to prove to everyone that I am accountable I made mistakes and now I am fixing them I wont run from my problems ill face them head on and its inspiring. It really takes guts what your doing. Watching you in early sobriety and the raw emotions that have come across in the series on OWN is a lot of what I am going through these days I mean I don’t have 10 creepy men outside my door with huge cameras trying to take pictures of me but I wake up everyday meditate and ask my god for the strength to get through the day and make good choices and suit up show up and try to be the best person I can. Because now im 22 I was fucked up for 10 years and I want more for myself then drugs and alcohol can give me. It is comforting to know others are getting sober and just trying to find themselves as well.

    I hope this message finds you well. You are an inspiration to keep doing the right thing, you are beautiful and I am rooting for your success you deserve it. Some people don’t understand addiction and they will spectate and smile in your face and hope for your failure behind your back. HOWEVER their are people like me out there that get your thinking and want nothing more then a huge comeback from you. Good Luck God bless.


    April 18 at 10:31pm  / 
    • vaze7 

      Hello, I like your responds to Lindsay. These devices that are thrown at us via a supernatural enemy are use to ruins us but because of God’s love we are able to bounce back and conquer these devices. Both of you are young beautiful women and I’m glad that both of you are conquering addictions.You see our bodies belong to God and we just can’t do with it as we please; we have to be careful what we put into our bodies. Find Bible scriptures on Good health and Inner peace they will continue to Strengthen you. I am a fan of Lindsay and so are you, and that’s what we Both have in common. I hope we can be friends. God Bless

      April 19 at 7:09am  / 
    • vichope 

      Oh honey….I have been clean and sober for nearly 13 years and I have to say-I am proud of you for your 60 days!!!! That’s a real hard 60 days to get through! At 22 you have so much awesomeness of life ahead of you, I am glad you will be able to see it and remember it too with joy! Sobriety isn’t easy, but I can tell you it’s really worth it. The alcohol part of it is tough just because alcohol is just so socially acceptable and virtually anywhere you turn it is right there. But you can absolutely do this! Don’t give up!!! Our daughter moved back in with my husband and I as she began her journey into being clean and sober. I am happy to say, she has nearly 270 days under her belt now and everything in her life seems possible to her now. I’m guessing she has had a lot of moments of wishing she didn’t live under our roof since my husband is a recovering meth addict and I am a recovering alcoholic….it’s like a really brutally honest and hard core sober living house for her! But she will say herself that it is where she needed to be to get her world on track. Don’t despair….those urges to drink will become less loud in your head as time passes by. Be vigilant, determined, and boldly unapologetic about your recovery-you have much to be encouraged and hopeful and proud about!

      April 21 at 7:36am  / 
  3. Anitte1995 

    it´s to soon for finale:(((

    April 18 at 11:15pm  / 

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    April 19 at 1:49am  / 
  5. HDDENB 

    Hi Lindsay,
    just sitting here on Easter Sunday afternoon alone (husband and son up in NYC at the auto show) and found your show on O network — the episode with you working with a fitness trainer. I am wondering if you have ever considered trying Pilates? I have been doing/teaching Pilates for 19 years and it is truly: constantly challenging in many ways, NEVER boring, body-changing to long and lean and extremely satisfying — AFTER 19 YEARS! And because of all those reasons, I believe Pilates is something you would love. Seems you are living in NYC now. I am in the Philadelphia area, but know some wonderful teachers in NY to recommend. Hope you’ll give this some thought — Pilates is truly the best! Best,Lenore

    April 20 at 2:03pm  / 
  6. lindsayfan 

    Lindsay, I have been a fan of you for so many years. I have never met you but you have won my heart. My name is Richard and I live in Knoxville Tennessee. I struggle with alcohol addiction and have made a mess of my life at times. The reason why I write you is to tell you that I am so proud of you and that I love your work and I love you too. You are the best actress in a very long time and I love all of your movies. I wish you the best and peace in your life. I hope you have the best career in movies and I will be there to watch every one of them. I wish you happiness and joy. I wish that for myself too. From a boy in Tennessee thank you Lindsay

    April 20 at 7:46pm  / 
  7. BarbLoftis 

    Thank you for sharing your story. I hope others struggling with addiction watch and decide that they too can over come. Keep up the good work kiddo.

    April 20 at 8:38pm  / 
  8. princesspace 

    Dear Lindsay,
    You are the only celebrity that I am inspired by..after watching your series I cried my eyes out..I can relate to you in so many ways its crazy. I also struggle with drug addiction, I have been clean for 6 months now, and I’ve been struggling with this disease for over 5 years. I’m only 19 years old but I’ve been through a lot.. I’ve been to jail prison and rehab numerous times. But I am so happy that I stumbled upon your show..you are such a beautiful inspiring women. I believe in you with all my heart and I know you will succeed. You deserve the best out of life. Your show has helped me so much and most importantly it has inspired me to stay clean. I can’t believe the tabloid’s leaked you step work!? Ive also worked steps and I know how personal it is, you put things into your step work that you’ve never told anyone in your life!? I am so sorry that happened too you, but don’t let it bring you down, your such a strong women keep doing what you do. God bless you Lindsay.
    – Deidre Pace

    April 20 at 11:20pm  / 
  9. Lisa 

    I felt anger and hurt for you when it came out about what personal info was stolen. I don’t think it was about being mean, I think it was all about the money. I guess it was mean too. Is there anyone who cant be bought anymore in this world? Was it that English girl? Lindsay, put all your journals in a safety box at a bank under your sisters name. No one can get them there. I was very hurt for you that this was done. You need a personal assistant like me. Non jealous female, cant be bought, award willing hair and makeup, stylist experience, facials, massage, organizing, tasks from laundry cleaning cooking along with the business side daily. Giving you honesty, good ear when you need it, support through your every day struggles. I would have done things for you so differently then your assistant did. You need someone who knows how to jump in and take over things like that massive move. I think you need an older female assistant who will also be your older sis when you need her to be. What you need is an assistant who takes CARE of you. Follows orders but also takes care of you as a friend and as a daily life guide. I’d have punched out anyone who tried stealing and flattened that camera that was going on youtube. Seriously, your assistant has no clue. You need a mover and a shaker who always has your back. Lindsay, you need a female. Ive don’t this work for an author before and she loved things just done for her and taken care of without having to ask and have all these things on her mind. I loved the job and want to do it again after watching this documentary. Everyone around you isn’t that good. I do extensions, I have awards for all kinds of hair and makeup. You basically know what you want anyway. Having ONE person who can do ALL of these things for you means less things get out and less hassle for you. I wouldn’t just stand around as chaos is going on and your getting upset. Not one person sat you down, gave you a coffee and cig and said rest, I’ll get everything done. Stopped the chaos for you, calmed you down and de stressed you. Its very important your people know when temptation is triggered and that is stress and chaos! If you have someone removing those triggers things will become easier day by day.I don’t think anyone understood how hard it was, with drawl etc and they all just stood there doing nothing! I worked some in the film biz and a lot of these people are not good at their jobs. Half of them you don’t need around. And that’s what I see of the help in your life. 1 person who does it all and knows what girls are about. Knows when to get everyone out for a breather to collect your thoughts. Someone who helps you get your sleeping hours under control. I think you need someone to do these things for you so all you have to do is focus on sobriety and the next project. Seriously Lindsay, I was upset how no one stepped up and did things for you that you had to do and were adding frustration and stress to the day. Your assistant should also be talking to you and supporting you with sobriety. You shouldn’t need a whole other person for this. Just need a few very good people working for you and WITH you as a friend when you need that. Where can I write to you so I can seriously show you my qualifications? I’m totally serious. I’m 40, not a kid anymore and know how the biz works and how a celeb life works. You need a person that doesn’t look at it as just a JOB. I would be happy to talk to you about a trial. Let me know if your interested. I would be long term if you found it worked well. No kids, no husband I can be focused this way. Please think about this.

    April 21 at 2:05am  / 
    • Lisa 

      How do you set up a profile picture on here?

      April 21 at 2:10am  / 
  10. bfssweetie 

    I am sad to see your docu-series end, I can’t wait to see you in movies, IK you will do great. I love you

    April 21 at 7:44am  / 
  11. Irfan Nurahmed 

    I’m glad to have heard it from you.

    April 21 at 8:24am  / 
  12. CPeralez76 

    Lindsay, you looked fabulous!

    I hope to see you in the streets of Palm Springs. I’d love to share a latte with you. Hit me up on aol. I’m writing a script you might like.

    Love ya!

    April 21 at 9:36am  / 
  13. vaze7 

    I’m sorry to hear about the miscarriage. I don’t like the negative responses I’m reading and hearing about the show. I liked the show it was good and interesting. Continue to keep a sense of humor and think good positive thoughts. God Bless

    April 21 at 2:53pm  / 
  14. ErinNire 

    Hi Lindsay,

    I wanted to say before I watched your documentary on OWN, I had the impression that you were nothing but trash. I will not continue the list but it was nothing but mean and negative things. After watching your documentary, I started to feel back for your because of the media impression of you. You are human, just like the rest of us and we all make mistakes–but it is more important of how you overcome them. You are on the right track but the road will be long. I hope you continue because everyone deserves a second chance, no matter how big they screw up, (James France-17 year old hook-up, Robert Downey Jr-drugs and going to jail, Kim Kardashian–sex tape, etc.) If they can be forgive, you should be also! You will have to really work your butt off but I am sure if Oprah believes in you then others should believe in you as well–I believe in you! Just keep yourself surrounded by good and positive people–let God work out the rest! I am sorry that I believe the media about you and I should have known better. Keep moving on and you make it in the end!

    April 21 at 3:47pm  / 
  15. LearningCurb 

    Everyone including me….are cheering for u! Stay clean…its a dirty world out there…pick your friends and associates carefully!
    Its not always material things, Lindsay…its about praying everyday for God to protect u and receiving the love for family and friends that will not hurt u…just don’t let them drag u down…U know that they are waiting to pick your bones!
    Best of life to u…

    April 21 at 4:07pm  / 
  16. MrBarrio 

    Always a pleasure I want it on DVD please?

    April 24 at 1:40am  / 
  17. Belgium 

    Dear Lyndsay , I have watched your docu – serie and I found it endearing and heartwarming. It is so hard to find your own life schedule, especially when things are so hectic and irregular. But it was refreshing to see such honesty on television. At least you are real about your endeavours towards a regular and normal life. A lot of people would hide or not even admit to their obstacles in life. It must have taken you a lot of courage to do so. I think you are doing your best to strive for a full and happy life , and your endeavours should be encouraged.
    I will not give you advice , because that would mean that I know better , which I don’t , and believe me a lot of people don’t.
    But I hope that if there are some bad days you can surround yourself with positive energy. Take care xoxo

    April 24 at 10:00pm  / 
  18. jessicamg 

    Thank you for sharing part of your story. Being in sobriety is not easy and getting a glimpse at the additional stressors that are thrown your way make the chaos that much more evident. Being close in age to you, I’ve followed your career and was intrigued to have the opportunity to watch Lindsay. Continue with what you are doing to share your gift just for today and live your life. You are a beautiful person inside and out with much to offer. I admire your strength to persevere. People are going to say what they’re going to say and do what they’re going to do but all you can do is clean your side of the street. Tabloids and “celebrity news” aren’t ever going to get it right, so thank you for giving a glimpse to your truth.
    much love,
    Jessica G. from TX

    April 26 at 5:30pm  / 
  19. Jack Guthrie 

    Lindsay, my name is Jack Guthrie. I am one of your biggest fans. I love all your movies. I root for you everyday. I am a young actor and you are an influence of mine. I hope you find peace cuz I want you to win. Every time someone is mean to you I get really defensive. When I saw you in FREAKY FRIDAY it was the first time I was certain I wanted to be an actor. I think your beautiful and as a treatment patient myself, for behavior treatment, I really identify with you. You seem in a really good place and that makes me SO happy! You are a great actress and human being and I hope that you keep it up.

    I want you to keep working cuz I truly believe acting is therapeutic for you. This wish isn’t for me, but for you.

    I love you! Keep it up cuz you’re doing great. I will always be your fan and you will always influence me as an actor and I will forever beg restful for that!

    Love Always, Jack Guthrie

    April 27 at 6:46am  /