A Perfect Day

Thanks to EW, got to catch up with these girls and a Tina Fey fix, such a perfect day. x

I Love You Back #Lilovers

Best part of the night after the show is spending it with you! xo L

WLW: Eye Of The Tiger


What Lindsay Wor

How can you not feel incredibly confident in these adorable Charlotte Olympia “Mascot” pumps?


WLW: Morning Edition



Jacket: Sandro  Jeans:  @currentelliott  Shirt: Sandro  Shoes: Isabel Marant  Bag: Celine  Gift: Hermes



WLW: Blue Crush




This teal trench is a perfect pop of color heading into autumn, and an even better accessory for those cold London nights. xo L

My Fairy Godmother!


And you know who that is…. What a great night.